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John Kerry's supporters and non-supporters speak out.

My goal is to beat Bush and I firmly believe, 1000%, that Kerry is our best bet. The more you closely you examine Dean, and not just his opposition to the war, you realize how tough he would have it in a general election. As for Kerry, the Washington insider thing is not a bad thing this year. Since 9/11, the premium has been put on experience, and Kerry's got foreign policy experience. As he put it best: We've already seen with Bush we don't know a learning curve in the Oval Office when it comes to foreign policy.
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Comment by Dan

Kerry is a good guy, but dean is are only way. You see Kerry is an inside player, who along with bush went to the secret meetings, you said, how could someone have so different views. Maybe they are not so different after all.
Comment by Doug from Indiana

Thank you Patti! I'm really glad to know that eventually we'll be working for the same team, whether it's for Kerry or Dean. I hope that the primaries don't get too nasty, and that supporters of the different candidates will be able to come together for the nominee with no hard feelings. Sorry if someone has already said this, I haven't caught up with all the posts here. You were pointing out the similarities in Bush and Dean's backgrounds, but you forgot to mention that Kerry has a lot in common with them too! He also went to Yale, and unlike Dean he was a member of the same controversial fraternity as Bush. I think it's interesting that people with some similar backgrounds can have such varied political beliefs, it shows that not everything is about where you're from and who your parents are (can someone please tell that to John Edwards?).
Comment by Alison Brown

I DON'T KNOW WITH DEAN OR KERRY AND I DON'T WANT TO SPECULATE ON THE VP ISSUE..I'VE GOT ENOUGH TO DO PULLING KERRY FRONT AND FORWARD ! WHOMEVER KERRY CHOOSES IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD! I WANT SOME THINGS TO BE AN ELEMENT OF "SURPRISE",AND "GOTCHA! Here's what I learned today. If you guys really want to oust BUSH, and if that "IS" the goal,to work for the interest of "All the people"then you'd better listen up " NEWSWEEK" magazine has posted a side by side BIO of BUSH vS
DEAN,with photos of them from their YALE days. BUSH looks "preppy",DEAN looks "hippy", huge differences. But when you read the BIO'S they are so similar it is frightening ! Lesson to be learned,"we the people" will say:
"if these two guys are one and the same,why should we go with the new,we'll stay with tried and true "! CARL ROVE at work again! I heard KERRY on C-SPAN this afternoon..come on over to the KERRY camp.....we can NOT lose this fight !
Comment by Patti Ferschke

I don't want a president who will sacrifice his ideals and put them on hold when it's politically helpful. The argument that this kind of thing will help win the general election can also be used when talking about the importance getting support from the Senate and the House, or looking ahead to re-election. I want a president who will stand up for his ideals NOW, not at some hazy point in the future when it's finally "safe."
Comment by Alison Brown

I think it is the wrong message to allay our fears caused from 15 Saudis, 3 Egyptians and one United Arab Emirite hijacking jets and crashing them into American buildings, to turn around and exploit those fears by bombing Iraq.I think Kerry, Edwards, Lieberman and Gephardt send the wrong message that in order to be credible on National Security you have to support Bush's war built upon exaggerations and lies and not based on any link between Iraq and 9/11 or any evidence of amassing WMDs.Keep in mind 23 Senators, including Graham who is running for President, and Lincoln Chafee and Jim Jeffords (a Republican and an Independent),had the courage to vote against the war as did 133 Representatives (including Kucinich, running for President, and 6 Republicans).John Kerry could have courageously stood up with these 156 elected leaders and said no to the war, but for some reason he didn’t. Now, I won't make the charge that Kerry is lacking in conviction, or that Dean himself doesn't flip-flop or make political calculations (all politicians do at some time or another) but if Kerry had voted against the war he might have my loyalty today. I will vote for him over Bush in a heartbeat, but Kerry's war vote is one reason I prefer Dean, who had the courage to speak out against the attack on Iraq at the get go, when others told him that would be a bad political move...instead it may have been the best thing Dean could have done to solidify his support. In February half of Americans were against going to war...that half has found a voice in Howard Dean.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

KERRY is still in the top tier,wait,hang on we'll go there to #1. That's all relative propaganda out there on DEAN. Don't believe for one minute he'll win against BUSH.It's what the media wants you to believe as they want BUSH to win. I've been down this road three times before,we want to win, we have to win and that win is KERRY! The TEAMSTERS just backed the wrong guy, but the environmentalists will back KERRY ,they out-number the TEAMSTERS ! WE ENVIRONMENTALISTS {TREE HUGGERS}ARE THE "SMART" ONES AS WE KNOW IF WE DON'T TAKE CARE OF THIS PLANET NOW AND RID OURSELVES OF ROOTS AND SEEDS OF TERRORISM,..WE ALL LOSE. IT'S ABOUT POLICY GUYS,AND IT'S TIME TO GET THAT RIGHT THIS GO-A- ROUND.
Comment by PATTI

did you hear that kerry is going to use the internet to criticize bush's war strategy. i cant wait to hear about what each of the nine democratic presidential candidates is going to say at the upcoming town hall meeting in iowa on wednesday.
Comment by Sindhu Kumar

I've been backing John Kerry for many months now. I'm the Founder of Independents For Kerry ( I'm a member of the Sierra Club and UNA USA among other things. John Kerry has consistently led the fight for the environment and the multilateral use of the US Military along side the UN and our friends and allies. I hope people research Kerry's statements on the issues, before relying on hearsay from others. He's by far the best hope the Dems have of beating Bush. He's well respected by Democrats and can appeal to Independents, Greens, and Progressives.
Comment by Jim Witkins

I'M still hanging with KERRY on the environment..he got 96%from the LEAGUE OF CONSERVATION VOTERS,that's the highest ever given to any other candidate from the get-go.And I'm still hanging with him on all the issues. I need some support for Kerry,but I believe the debates will set him far ahead of the others and that means BUSH too! He will be a lousey debater with KERRY or Dean. I agree with Jim's assessment that DEAN works the crowd,and he does,but there's a different "command of respect" when KERRY speaks. One of the major cable nets yesterday reported:"Dean's got the fire,but he does NOT have the vision,and he's not clear on foreign policy." I believe he's working on that,but certainly I will go with KERRY who is certainly more "seasoned" as that's what it's going to take to win this political war , and the war on terrorism. I will go with KERRY who is certainly more "seasoned" as that's what it's going to take to win this political war , and the war on terrorism. WE need to generate the enthusiasm to build this road map to peace,KERRY delivers on that issue.When BUSH declared he's "a uniter and not a divider" we for sure have him on that one issue alone! When he won the election the country was split 50/50 and BUSH has not done one thing to bring "we the people" together,but he did do a good job of the 911 "patriotism" rallying around the country as a whole. "We the people",will not and cannot fault him on that issue,but is does stop there. In my opinion, that's why so many,"we the people" still support him. Kerry has done the worst job on articulating the war position".He has not done that,BUSH told him one thing,BUSH did something else!You just wait and see how articulate this KERRY guy is,but more importantly..he's got a "real time" plan !
Comment by Patti Ferschke

If Dean beats Gephardt in Iowa, I think Gephardt is through. It might also hurt Kerry in New Hampshire because Dean's Iowa victory would get lots of media attention and New Hampshire undecideds might hop on his bandwagon. Both Howard Dean and John Kerry have set ambitious targets for the amount of our energy that should come from renewable sources, and both favor conservation through raising the milesper gallon our nation's fleet of automobiles get. Both the Dean and Kerry energy plans are visionary and future-focused rather than the "gobble up all the oil we can even if it means drilling in National Parks and invading foreign lands" plan that seems to pass for energy policy today. As for wind power, the newer model wind turbines are much less detrimental to migratory birds than they used to be so that isn't much of an issue anymore for most environmentalists.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

I read the Kerry speech you linked, and he said some very intelligent and thoughtful things, many of which I agree with. He said, "Every nation has the right to act preemptively, if it faces an imminent and grave threat, for its self-defense under the standards of law. The threat we face today with Iraq does not meet that test yet." This makes perfect sense to me, as do his other arguments about pursuing all other possible courses first. But he still voted for the resolution that empowered Bush to attack Iraq. I don't get it. Very few senators had the courage to vote against the resolution when they knew it was premature, but Kerry was unfortunately not one of them. Now that the situation in Iraq has turned bad and public opinion in favor of the war is on the wane, he has come out with criticisms of Bush's military actions. This smacks of political opportunism to me.
Comment by Alison Brown

John Kerry has the financial resources to use to his advantage. what he should be doing is talk about what he accomplished as a senator from Massachusetts and how the people from the state of Massachusetts benefited by having his help. his wife Teresa, if many of you guys and gals don't know, is the former widow of senator john j. heintz, (an heir to the heintz ketchup company), who was a republican from teh state of Pennsylvania who died in a plane crash while campaigning for reelection seat which is now being occupied by senator Rick Santorum.
Comment By Sindhu Kumar

Dear Supporters
I have noticed it has been easy to rally Dean's supporters for positive comments. I have tried to rally Kerry's supporters and some of the other candidates as well for kind comments for Kerry's comment page, plus I know when we started this debate there was many people here who did not know a lot about the candidates. We were a group of friends on the Internet that enjoyed, talking about the candidates and Bush, but did not know where a lot of the Democratic candidates stood on the issues. Main stream media is saying Dean is gaining in popularity. A lot of Kerry's supporters don't think that is a long term gain for Dean to get elected in the Primaries. Lieberman's supporters did not show today. But I will say this again to all supporters of all candidates, tell your friends, your family, your loved ones or just people you talk to on the Internet about this discussion debate. Especially if they want to know more about the candidates. This is a great place to ask questions and get answers from people who support all different sides, so they can make a well informed decision on where they stand and who they will support.
Comment by Ann Stewart

It's my belief the Senator need not say what he's done for MASS..let the record speak..... four senate terms !He's not only done for MASS. ,he's gone and done for ALL Americans and will continue to do so. Let him not take any blame for his absense these days as he needs to be absent, so he can continue to take care of ALL of us in the future! He will be front and forward,we'll get him there as he has a message and will be the messenger! Let's grant him that time to prepare that's going to be a good one,and it certainly will beat anything "W"s going to give us...."we the people" know better,deserve better...we're gonna get better,and we're going get the best AMERICA has to offer to, AMERICANS!
Comment by Patti

John Kerry's a great Senator from a great state, but I just can't fathom why he is any different from all the other Washington "insiders" running. It's also helpful to keep in mind the past 25 years of history regarding the candidates who were successful in their run for the White House. Howard Dean's got a ways to go to get the "liberal monkey" off his back. He was a centrist Vermont governor (I live in Vermont) with wide bi-partisan backing. No candidate has this nomination close to being locked up, however. I spent 5 days in Massachusetts and New Hampshire earlier this week. No Kerry or Dean signs in Massachusetts, but New Hampshire is another story. Large crowds and positive media coverage and this is six months before the election! Local contacts and "gut" feeling suggest to me that Kerry's support in New Hampshire is flat or dropping with those changing their minds now in the undecided column. Once the country figures out that Dean isn't the flaming liberal that Karl Rove hopes he is all bets are off. He's as tenacious as a bulldog and can't be labeled. The fund raising results show broad appeal even amongst Republicans like myself.
Comment by Joe Mathews

Patti I agree with you that although many Democrats like Dean, I don't really think he has a chance to win enough swing votes to tip the scale in his favor. I may be dead wrong on this and perceptions can change, but for the most part I think that Dean is perceived as being a little too far to the left. I myself am officially a swing vote, neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I like Dean, but if the Dems want to win the election I think it best to go with a candidate that is more moderate. That may seem like selling out, but what's the alternative: FOUR MORE YEARS OF BUSH!!!! How lovely!
Comment by Michael Bohannon

I am trying to choose between Kerry, Dean or Lieberman. At least I narrowed it down that far. I'm more of a conservative democrat. I also worry about taxes getting raised after Bush gets out of office. Have any of the democratic men running made a firm promised not to raise taxes?
Comment by Chris R.

Kerry and Lieberman both voted for Clinton's 1993 tax increase. Dean was a Governor at the time, so its hard to say how he would have voted. Traditionally conservative anti-tax groups don't give either Kerry or Lieberman high marks although Lieberman is generally rated slightly more taxpayer-friendly than Kerry (but this is mostly for Lieberman's support for capital gains tax cuts rather than for specifically easing the tax burden of working-class people). Dean cut taxes once as Governor of Vermont and the conservative anti-tax CATO institute gave him a "B" grade his first two terms as Governor for keeping taxes low.
However they gave him Cs and Ds his last three terms. Personally I think any of the three (Kerry, Dean, or Lieberman) will not raise taxes other than increasing the marginal tax rate for the wealthiest tax payers and closing off-shore corporate loopholes to help balance the budget.
Of the three, I think Kerry is the most likely to raise taxes, as both Dean and Lieberman have some reputation as fiscal conservatives. I am not sure between Dean and Lieberman who would be less likely to raise taxes. Personally I support Dean, but its very hard to compare a Governor's record with a Senator's so I can't say for sure who is more fiscally conservative between the two.
I also think a tax increase may become necessary. If so I trust all three of these candidates would pass a more equitable increase than Bush would. My guess is Bush will continue to borrow us into debt and force the governors to raise state taxes and cut essential services to the bone, and this will have a serious impact on working families.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

It's my belief,if we want what is right for all"the people",we will need to raise taxes,however,the tax base must and will be a fair and balanced one,that finally will take the burden off the backs of the middle income wage earners. I"m certainly no better off today than I was when Clinton was in office,or now that BUSH is in office. Kerry's tax plan will at least support a nat'l health care policy,which I'm all for, as that is where we lose as health care costs continue to rise.It's simply not true that those Senators that supported the war continue to take an un-stance now.BUSH gave them his mantra last Fall,and it was agreed that BUSH would complete and leave in tact the weapons inspectors,which we know he later dismissed, That BUSH would get the support of the UN and later dismissed. That the Senate and Congress were misled as to the information received we all know were untrue and mis-construed facts and deceptions,is the information they did receieve. How does one support that war now? We get behind the one person that gets us to peace.I have and will get to you a site where you can go to and read KERRY's response to Bush on the issue of going to Iraq,it's long but it challenges BUSH on the issue and takes into consideration going to war is a most serious matter. I'd rather be taxed for puplic services to those who need it, than all our dollars going to this war.
Comment by Patti

Biden will not be a factor. If he enters the Democratic primary he hurts Kerry more than Dean, but seriously Biden hasn't raised any money yet...I don't see his campaign getting off the ground.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

please go to the site.."independents the scripts and you will see why KERRY will win over DEAN !Then here's another one on all the candidates,that will sift through the fields of the candidates.Go to "{it's a google search],click on the right side and field the issues on each candidate. Write to the DNC and tell them no way to GORE and Hillary as these are only names "the people are familiar with. GORE ran a horible campaign last election,Hillary is someone I respect,however,it's someone elses turn.I'm so happy to have found this site and communicate with thinking people,but if those of us here really want to "move-on"we need to back the best candidate to oust BUSH!If that person is DEAN,Kerry,or whomever we need to stay solid and back that person! NO whinninig ,no 3rd. party candidate and,no Ralph this go-round!But I still believe that the country will NOT back DEAN,he's not clear on issues that matter,and BUSH will rag on as Carl Rove already has him {DEAN}nailed! Look at the money BUSH will rack in on his month long vacation,and we can only hope this will not set well with the public,but it will set well with the Republicans!I have some more thoughts and will post in another script!..
Comment by Patti

I'm an R.N.,I work in a rural area of the Olympic Peninsula in Wa, state. I grew up in the Cleveland area,lived the nightmare of the Vietnam war,losing many nurse friends,and watched as others close to me lost spouses,friends,brothers, neighbors, sisters,that believed they were doing the "right thing"for our country. How we were misled,and the irony of that nightmare plays a huge part in my current thinking about going to war!Then if that wasn't enough, I saw and lived through the NIXON WATERGATE scandals,and the results that transpired because we Americans continue to choose poor leaders.Those past leaders like REAGAN,BUSH 1,are the cause of why we are where we are today.They made and supported dictators like SADDAM,and BIN-LADEN,because they had NO thought process,no critical thinking skills to think to the future and what this will mean to "WE THE PEOPLE".What they did was to promote their own self interests in the name of oil and in that purpose,thought would lead to the USA to globilization and we would remain the super power over all the world! BUSH 2 comes along and he's nothing more than a pawn,had NO credentials to support his Presidency, and surrounded himself by the powers that were of his Dad's administration,on the advice of BUSH 1! BUSH 2,Cheney,Rumsfeld,Schultz,Powell,and the rest of those thugs,have planned since the 80'S to continue in old ways to secure "THE PEOPLE'S" future,but more importantly their own futures,while leaving out "we the people"!The scam only gets worse ,as what upset their time table was CLINTON got elected not once but twice!So they had to nail Clinton on something "tangible" that would not sit well with the "moral majority" of "we the people".We know how that turned out,and because of so much atention to the impeachment,we lost attention to issues that needed paying attention to!911 brought them back to focus and now they had "a plan" that they thought would sell to "we the people" We now are in a different place and time and we need to get it right this time. I support JOHN KERRY as his activism in the 70's and throughout his Senate terms he does work for "the people".He has an uncanny ability to sift thouroughly through the issues and bring some sense to the table.He reaches across the great divide of the Senate and Congress,and he get's things done!He gleams in and of "DIPLOMACY"!In the past I have been in support of those candidates{like DEAN and Nabor}as they think to the left,and they bring to the table a critical thought process! BUT mainstream Americans are NOT crtical thinkers..they are followers!It will take experienced legislators {Like KERRY}, to win this election!His vision WILL bring along those "followers" as those that are concerned about their safety {and they darned should be},to the fold of the "thinkers".On the "world stage",JOHN KERRY
understands how necessary nad important it isfor AMERICA to step up and be a leader by example,rather than force.he has the respect of so many Republicans that are with him on a varity of issues to make our nation strong,and be what we need to be!.....OFF to work..have a nice day to all !
Comment by Patti

If you want to save this country from BUSH and thugs,and get us to where we need to go,get on board ,solidly with JOHN KERRY. He's the only DEM that will beat Bush. I have been following this Senator since the 70's and I think we blew it the last election by not standing behind KERRY,pulling him front and forward.He's right on the issues,because he's involved with ALL the issues that matter to Americans.The country is still in a "fear factor mode" and Kerry is asking us to stand up to these fears and takes us from the fear to the challenges that will prevent further attacks, and will "engage"[ now there's a new word}us "we the people",by building co-alitions to move forward and get the USA independent of the world's oil supplies that support these roots of terorism! Kerry's stance on the environment is powerfull as it moves us in the right direction of good jobs,by inventing our way out of the messes we have allowed the BUSH Administration to get us into!Kerry has the best health care plan,that won't take us futher in debt and it will balance the budget,as health care costs continue to rise.By re-strucuring our own infra-structue we will have the best jobs and we'll give BUSH a pink slip! We made an industry out of bottled water that soon only thiose who got a tax break will be able to afford,not to mention{DAH},there must be something wrong with that water we drink!DEAN will only lose to BUSH and a vote for DEAN will go to BUSH! JOHN KERRY will take BUSH on with the lies and deceptions,but more importantly KERRY will lead us where we need to go,and a real spirt of patriotism will prevail,like we've never seen before.And we'll stand proud with our neighbors abroad in this war on terrorism as KERRY'S mission will be one of engagement until we come to peace.It will be a journey like no other and you will be proud to be an American again. No one has given so much to this country,sacrificed so much for it's citizens, and will continue to work for ALL AMERICANS..go check out his record of honesty,integrity,and all the inside challenges this KERRY guy has done. It is an impressive record, and let the record speak for itself!Until 911 BUSH hadn't a clue of why he was chosen,and that event gave him a sad for America,that we continue to lose lives daily,we still haven't got Saddam,and BIN -Laden is still on the loose.The budget will reach never-ending proportions,with no end in site, and "we the people" are paying for it on all fronts!BUSH came to office with so few credentials,JOHN KERRY will come with many!
Comment by Patti Ferschke

I am from Massachusetts. John Kerry has done so much for us. He's been an impartation to us and has made us proud to work for him and support him. He will make us even more proud when he becomes President. There is no body in the Democratic race that has done as much for improving employment, heath care, and the environment. John is a great Senator, and he will be an even greater President.
Comment by Wendy MA

Wendy, Kerry seems like a good guy, and he has a good record in Massachusetts, but I have to point out that there is a Democrat with an even better one. Dean balanced every budget while he was governor of Vermont, started a health care program that now covers something like 98% of children in that state, and saved huge amounts of land from development. Kerry can't beat that!
Comment by Alison Brown

I'd vote for Hillary Clinton, but since she ain't running, I guess I'll vote for John Kerry or Edwards.
Comment by Eugene

Even though I am a registered republican, I love the democratic candidates. I don't think the democrats stand a chance of upsetting bush unless strong candidates like Dean or Kerry get the democratic nomination and lead Bush in all the leading polls.
Comment by Sindhu Kumar

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