Comments on President George Bush
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Comments on Bush: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

To those of you that say BUSH is focused,think again. His Nat'l Security advisor Condi Rice,stated on C-SPAN :"I can only take one situation at a time,I'm not a long term planner".Makes one wonder about this security thing..We should not wonder,and BuSH is the least focused of all of them and he's the CIC! I've been at the bedside of those fighting for their last breath,and all the stages in-between of pain and grief,pain relief is a good me ,you don't want to go there! For the 10 reason's why you've posted GWB is good for this country I can give you 10 X 10 times why he is not! Try me! August is a good planting time. Yup I have a sneaky suspicion those WMD'S just may show up in September,bout the same time those debates begin ! I just listened to C-Span and Condi Rice was speaking to the'hot spots of the world'.In one of her statements she said; {and I quote} "we have so many problems to solve at home and abroad ,I just don't think about them, I only take them one at a time. I'm also not a long time planner". Now that's what I'd call a visionary,wouldn't you?? WE now have a better choice as KERRY'S in the race,and we'd better be thinking about all those problems,and making wise decisions,with forward and progressive thinking. With Kerry , we get a thought process that is clear,concise as he asks the question, 'how do those problems relate to one another' and what is the connection ???? I'd say it's time to have a person that is able to connect those dots,by using critical thinking skills as John Kerry does ,and is able to do.
Comment by Patti Ferschke

As for point #1 we are less safe as Americans than any time in history. The arabs, about 1 billion people are not to happy with us including our friends in Egypt, Saudia Arabia, and Jordan. While the governments of these countries try to maintain friendly relations with us, the civil population would prefer that we were dead. Fact-millons protested our presense in the middleeast. Late time I checked the U.S. listed 197 countries U.S. citizens were recommended not to visit due to possible personal endangerment. The Bush administation was asleep at the wheel or didn't care about terrorists in our country. The FBI warned months in advance that terrorist were planning an attack useing commerial aircraft. An FBI agent reported many of the actual hijackers in flight schools, these reports were ignored. We do not need the Department of Homeland Securty. The FBI did its' job domesticly as the CIA did its' with factual Iraqi intelligence. Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and guys like Richard Perle chose to develop their own intelligence. Homeland Security is an expensive bureaucracy designed to make you feel safer but scare the crap out of you when they want to distract you from real issues. Homeland Security was also an over reaction to 9/11. Point 2 Ending Saddams' reign. Many Americans feel Quit good about this. Some Iraqis also. However, the Iraqi people are feeling more and more occupied and less and less Liberated with each passing day. That is why they throw gernades out windows, mine roads, fire rocket propelled gernades, shoot AK47s at our soldiers daily. They continue to blow up the oil pipelines to prevent us from stealing their most valuale national resourse. If we were to bring our army home and leave the oil, then you could truely say we liberated the Iraqi people. Point #3 Ending funding and support for Al Qaeda. Yes this is a very good thing. I have never beleived it was a good policy of the CIA and Rumsfeld to fund both Saddam and Bin Laden. If you look into this you will find Saddam was on our payroll bigtime in the late seventies until the late eighties. We bankrolled his war with Iran. We were at odds with Iran and Saddam came in quite handy at the time. This U.S. backed war cost millions of Iraqs' and Iranians their lives. We are sure good at that. We also bankrolled Bin Laden and his group of Mujahidein gorillia fighters in Afghanistan. They were defending Afghanistan against Russian occupation. Yes ending the funding to these groups and any other similar groups should be a priority. Point #4 I staying out of this one. Point #5 The Bush tax plan is the most lopsided in he history of this nation. To cover the unfunded No Child Left Behind bill, propery taxes have skyrocketed. I own property and know this for a fact. I have more than one property I've worked my butt off for. An example is my home, the taxes went up 10% this year.10% is a large increase in 1 year, but someone needs to take up the slack for the Bush administration inability to take care of domestic concerns such as health care, schools , mentally ill persons, Headstart,and many more. One ladie with three kids got 46.00 BFD
Comment by Charles in Montana

I used to support Bush until the war with Iraq. I think it is just wrong to go along with any President, just because he is the President, that doesn't mean his actions shouldn't be questioned, especially in something like war that takes so many lives. I just think war is bad and I feel like Bush pushed America into a war that was totally avoidable and unnecessary. I think abortion and national security are going to be big issue that come up in this 2004 election. Bush is the only one who is pro-life and he's looked upon as being a strategic president in national security by his supports. The other candidates campaigning support people should think about that and what they can do to prove to the public they can do better or prove pro-choice is better for American women or families.
Comment by Ann Stewart

Don't be to hard on Bush. Everything he promised will work out at the end, because our President is very focused. I am as a German own Bush my loyalty. The President has a plan. He does a wonderful job protecting America from Future Atacks. If I speak to European customers they feel the same way. It takes time after 9/11 to rebuild the economy. the last thing we need more fancy social programs. It is not the Presidents faulted that he had to spend so much money. I believe he did a much better job then Al Gore would have done. The President asked to be patient and I will give my chance. If the United Nations is falling to deal with Saddam Hussein then somebody has to do it. It is a shame that he got so little support from Europe
Comment by Vanessa (Bush Supporter)

Whoa, "don't pick on Bush....don't be too hard on him" Since when has any president of the United States ever been given a free ride? Especially in this day and age where information is available and deception readily uncovered. If you think Bush is going to turn the economy around before 2004, I strongly disagree. He's like a kid with a credit card and no responsibility and refuses to hold himself accountable for the consequences of his reckless actions. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Sure, sure they'll find something. They have to even if it means planting them. Or making up new lies about them. This has yet to be proven, but how very interesting the following URL is: Snippet: " Mark Neusche, father of Josh Neusche, one of the GW II troops to lose his life from the mystery illness while serving in Iraq. The father stated that his 20-year-old healthy son, a former track star and non-smoker, had written home on June 26th explaining that he would be going on a 30-hour hauling mission, but that he could not disclose what they would be hauling. The son had stated that he had been to the Palace of Sadaam Hussein, and it was later learned that he was hauling at the Baghdad Airport. "What were they hauling and why was it secret? And poor Colin Powell. Snippet: " In the United States, Powell's "thick intelligence file" was galvanizing, swinging opinion toward war. Six months later, the file looks thin. Powell has said several times since February that he stands by what he said, the State Department said Wednesday."And no doubt it'll get thinner until Bush and company frantically work to fill it up with more lies and deceptions. But we shouldn't be too hard on him. It should be perfectly acceptable for the president of the united states to lie to the American Public. This is not Coventry, England WWII folks. There is No Rational Reason to lie about WMD. Either they are there or they aren't. And what about that Anthrax guy? Where is Osama? I like and support Howard Dean because he doesn't come across as a liar. I'm fed up with politicians lying to the American people. Let's have some decent old fashioned Integrity, Please. If Bush wants to deceive people, fine, let him deceive his family and friends Not the American Public. Soldiers are not plastic G.I. joe army men. They are flesh and blood just like you and I. Last I checked modern medicine doesn't have the means to resurrect the dead. Let's get a person in office who understands that. Who better than a Doctor. Everything Bush promised will not work out for those that lost loved ones in Bush's war games. As Bush supporters do you have family and or friends serving overseas? Have you lost someone? Bush raced to war. Had he used a little brain power he would have recognized that it was the worst thing to do. But no, he had to rush into it pissing off our allies ( Read less Financial Support..Or Read You and I, the American Taxpayer, will pick up a larger bill not just for the war, but also the aftermath ), pissing off the UN, pissing off those in the Muslim communities that would have helped fight the injustice, and so on. send..Bush..Back to Crawford where he 2004
Comment by Lysa

But please don't pick on George Bush so much. You never know we may find those WMD's soon. To everybody else "VOTE BUSH 2004"It seems to be slowing down. Well I miss defending my Bush man. So I just tought I would drop by and tell you all the wonderful things President Bush has done for America. 1. He made National Security 150% better. By placing new screeners, better equipment,better training at our airports and by creating Homeland Security. 2.Ending Sadam's rain in Iraq 3. Ending the funding and support of alqeta (Sorry I can't spell) 4. Trying to put an end to abortion. 5. Refunding Taxs for families with children, and I still think you should vote Bush. BUSH 2004 vote BUSH 2004 Vote BUSH 2004 Vote BUSH 2004.
Comment by Jennifer

The president also said from the beginning that we would be in and out of Iraq in no time, have very few casualties, and be greeted by crowds of cheering Iraqis. That didn't happen, so I'm not inclined to trust him about finding Osama or Saddam. He admitted in his latest press conference that he has no idea how close, if at all, they are to capturing either of those too. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, but at this point Bush doesn't deserve any.
Comment by Alison Brown

It is good that you have hope and faith in him, Millions and counting every day, have lost that. Lost it when they realized that Bush is just another politician with one thing in mind: What's best for him and what makes him look best. Lost it when they can't feed their families or do things they enjoyed before Bush like maybe going to a movie or out to dinner, or buying a cup of coffee. Lost it when they realized that they have no personal security. Sure terrorists attacks, what about the bills piling up that they can't pay. Have you ever experienced what that is like? It's a terror of it's own kind. Bush's tax cuts won't help them there next month or the month after. And who will pay for that? Who will pay when millions are filing for bankruptcy, losing their homes? You and I Jennifer, you and I/ The taxpayer and the citizen that still has a home. Crime will go up as people get desperate. Who will protect us then as policemen and other civil officers here in the country are being sent to fight Bush's wars. Our Military is already stretched too thin. Do the math? We Are Not Safer. Economy and security are tied together. It's a reality that moderate republicans recognize. And that's why they want Dean. Refunding taxes for families with children. Jennifer, it's short term relief at best and let's not forget the image of DeLay holding his nose being forced to vote for all of those families with children that weren't covered in the first round. When Bush's policies effect you personally in a negative way as they have for so many others in this country, let alone abroad where will your faith in him be then? Al Queida is still being funded and supported. Bush didn't stop it, if anything he has stirred up a real hornet's nest by invading Iraq early. He hasn't stopped them, he's made them more dangerous than before. Now they have martyrs to spur them on. Bush will need as many people like you that he can find in 2004 but it still won't be enough. More and more of them are abandoning the sinking ship he is captain of. It shouldn't be surprising that he has destroyed our economy given his business record where he has always had someone to bail him out after making very bad decisions. Truth, a real standard. One every politician should be measured by. Bush lied, soldiers are dying. Dead, kaput, gone, history. And Each one of them was and is loved by someone and more. Go talk to a grieving spouse or parent or sibling or friend and ask them how they feel. Can you? Can you still talk highly about Bush to them and how important security is? I wouldn't recommend it. You won't get the response you want and it's rude, intrusive. There are four basic stages of bereavement. Disbelief, bargaining, anger, and acceptance. The first stage, disbelief in most cases is a short one. Anger and bargaining switch positions depending on the individual. Some never make it to acceptance. Death of a loved one can make a person very angry. Bush's arrogance placed a lot of folk in a very uncomfortable position. Dealing with death. Our society doesn't deal well with death. we tend to shove it under the rug, do a lot of pretending, sugar coat in some cases. Death is no small matter to be shoved aside, to be meted out arrogantly. I digress, but I have to wonder why you would be so anti-abortion when the man you support is a death machine himself.
Comment by Lysa

Bush got us into this mess, which is Exactly the right reason why we need to get him back to Crawford. Sure, Clinton gets some of the blame for this mess, but Bush is arrogant and about as far away from a diplomat as you can be.
Comment by Lysa

Yes Alison you are right, but if you are a Christian, you have to follow your conscious. I put my faith ahead of politics, and I will vote for the person who has the same Ideals and beliefs as I do. That man is George Bush. Anybody with Christian Morals will vote for Bush.Dean may have support on line, but out in the real world Bush has the most support. Everybody in my office is voting for Bush. Me, Alley, Craig, John, and Mike are all on Bush's team. We are FAA and Bush has made so many great improvments in Federal Aviation security. Our Airports are safer now than they have ever been thanks to Bush coming up with the idea of homeland security. Bush is helping to keep this country safe.I work at FAA. Mike and I have seen the inside changes Bush has done to greatly improve our security. It's not just about Abortion. Bush has put Homeland security as a very important issue. I don't think any of the democrates will be as strong as Bush has been in National Defense, but you are a sweet person. Even if you are supporting the wrong guy and that's all I am going to say about it tonight.
Comment by Jennifer (Bush Supporter)

You know folks I would vote democratic if I could find a democrat who has any morals. All the democrats are always saying abortion is what they call pro-choice. I call it pro-murder of the innocent and defenseless. I would love to find a democrat that has any morals on the issue of abortion. But I can't find one. They are no where to be found. Name one democrat for me who is against abortion. If it happened I would be the first to support him. Also George Bush is against putting a stop to same sex marriages. I am never going to believe that same sex marriages should be legal and our goverment should support them finacually. What does your man that you believe should be president say about that? The democrats are getting so liberal. Now they want all gay schools and liberals usually support gay catholic priest. Is nothing sacred anymore? Is nothing Holy? I believe if we leave God out of our government we have no morals. We need a good Christian man like George Bush. With good Christian morals. A good conservative who believes in old fashioned honesty and traditions.That's what I feel the democrats need. It's been along time since I have seen a democratic candidate with any conservative morals on abortions and gays. Clinton tried to put gays in the military. Senator Clinton tried to give the same amount of financial support to gay couples as married people got in NY when 9/11 happened. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE DEMOCRATS? ALL THEIR MORALS JUST WENT DOWN THE TOILET. Years ago I was a democrat. Now I'm ashamed to call myself one anymore. I haven't seen a democrat with morals in years.
Comment by Becky B.

My family has also been worried about national security. I understand why you believe in Bush. He has done well for FAA security. I will go with Bush on that one, but I can't go with him on the War with Iraq. For that matter I will stand by Bush on the pro-life issue. I think Bush has made a lot of great improvments in security, but I also think he bombed the country of Iraq without giving the world just cause for it. He should've let the untied nations do there job instead of critizing them. If he would have proved it to the world there was WMD in Iraq before he bombed them I would still be on Bush's side, but I think that is his biggest mistake. That's why he lost my vote, unless the dem's do something so bad it can't be overlooked. I think I'll vote dem this time.
Comment by Ann Stewart

Did you know that the Bush administration recently announced that they were going to take air marshalls off many domestic flights because there wasn't enough money to pay for it? He has bankrupted our country, and now our national security and anti-terrorism efforts are suffering because of it. He has also said he will stop airline workers from organizing in a union - yet another case of this administration taking the side of big companies instead of working people. We all believe that our country's security is important, but so far Bush has been mostly talk, without actually doing much to improve our safety. Saddam was not a direct threat to Americans, but Osama bin Laden still is... why are we focusing on Iraq when our resources need to go to stopping Al-Qaeda? Has anyone seen the 'Bush vs. Bush' video on the Daily Show website? It's HILARIOUS! I especially reccommend it for people who are thinking about supporting Bush - it's a funny format, but it shows how much of a liar he is. I don't want to play hardball here Becky and Jennifer, so please don't take offense, but isn't lying considered immoral by your faith? Especially when it affects/damages the lives of hundreds of millions of people?
Comment by Alison Brown

You got to go with Bush. He's the best way. If we change the President now in the middle of conflict and crises our country is domed. Bush has got to finish what he has started in Iraq. He can't take those troops out. He needs to send more over there and finish the job. It would be unsafe and unwise to put another man in the White House until the threats to this country clams down, If Dean gets elected he will probably lower security leaving our airports wide open for another terrorist attack. I really don't know what the other candidates will do, maybe Leibrman would be good at keeping the countrie's security up, but Bush has and will build up our airport security. We don't need another chance of another 9/11 happening. We need to go with the man who makes this country safe. That man has been and will be Bush.
Comment by Mike

HOW WELL I REMEMBER...... THE NIGHT of the GORE/BUSH election. Gore had won in Fla.then the cameras went to Texas. Here sat George,surrounded by his Dad and Mom,
"W",with his smirky grin on his face,says: "NO WAY,I won FLA. and before the night is over you will all know I won"! I SMELLED A RAT THEN AND NOW WE GOT THE RAT!NO we need to rid ourselves of that rat. All the cabinet members have just met with BUSH at his ranch,and are coming to the defense of GWB,and how great his policies have been and will continue to be for the's the "it's right around the corner folks", phenomenom..and you know what,...mainstream America is just going to buy those facts.We need the best we got to rid ourselves of this big fat go JOHN KERRY DON'T THINK FOR ONE MINUTE BUSH WILL WIN, NOT OVER OUR "DEAD" BODIES,AND I DON'T EVER PLAN TO GIVE MY BODY TO BUSH! WE HAVE TO DO THIS ! WE DO IT BY NOT GIVING BUSH A PASS ON ONE SINGLE THING,WE EXPOSE HIM FOR WHAT HE IS AND WHAT HE'S DONE TO THIS COUNTRY...AND WE BECOME LIKE THE EVER-READY BATTERIES..WE KEEP GOING AND GOING AND GOING,NO MORE STOPS AROUND THE MONOPOLY BOARD..DO NOT PASS GO.... JUST DO IT!
Comment by Patti Ferschke

I agree with Steve that Bush will be tough to beat. I have no illusions that it will be an uphill battle...Bush is the incumbent and the lone GOP candidate with access to almost unlimited funds; it will take a political upset to beat him next November. I however, do not agree with the conventional wisdom that the Democrat's best chances are with a centrist like Lieberman. I think centrist economic policies (which Dean has) are important, but Bush is vulnerable to being seen as too far right on issues of education, energy, the environment, health care, the economy and a wide range of other issues where more Americans are actually in tune with the Democrats. Better to run a candidate who offers a clear alternative than to have a Bush clone run and offer no real alternative.
In fact about the only issue where Bush has a potential advantage is on national defense (his policy is not good but the public perception is still that he is strong here). However, even here his credibility is slipping fast and if he doesn't reverse the perception that his Iraq policy was poorly thought out, his strength where will diminish and the poor economy will trump people's awe for Bush and cost him in November.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

The government and elite are playing us for fools. Does anyone really believe the government version of 9-11? Does anyone believe that the president would sit around a classroom for 30 mins after he knew we was under attack? Does anyone believe that the FAA and norad would disobey sop of 30 years? Is the Bush's helping to bring in drugs while profitting from locking people up? Seems far fetched, but if people were to dumb to see it, then it would work.
Comment by Doug from Indiana

I think it's fairly obvious Bush is currently in the driver's seat. Public opinion, despite the very informed viewpoints expressed here about unfunded mandates imposed on the states by the federal government, is still behind him on national security. The Iraq endeavor is still far from a liability for him as of yet. The economy is still, imho, the thing that could do him in if unemployment rates continue to climb. If WMD is found in Iraq--and there was some indication the CIA (David Kay) was hinting about that probability a few days ago during congressional hearings-- then I think the Dems would be better off to go after "it's the economy, stupid", just like Clinton did to such great effect. The environmental issues are also definitely a weakness for Bush as well. Well maybe Bush will go back to Crawford. He's there right now, and he seems to enjoy it there. However, even though it is nice to see the enthusiasm for Howard Dean and John Kerry, I think this is going to be a hard fought election that could still go to Bush. Historically, it has been centrist Democrats, like Clinton, Carter, JFK (I think Johnson was more conservative than Nixon, but that picture only aids the argument) that have been able to do battle in the Republican geographic strongholds of the South, Southwest and West (except California). I think the enthusiasm displayed here for Dean and Kerry had better be an indication of what's happening throughout the nation or they will not be able to challenge for the presidency. I've heard, for instance, that a pretty big gender gap has opened up favoring George W. Bush in the white male demographic group.
Comment by Steven Bohannon

CNN: Bush threatens to derail flight attendant strike. The right to strike is just about the only thing that keeps employers from abusing their employees with low wages, few benefits, and unsafe workplaces. President Bush, who as a conservative doesn't believe the government should interfere in the affairs of business, has decide to step in and stop a strike of American Airlines flight attendants. Naturally, the White House denies any relationship between big campaign contributions from the airlines and Bush's decision. 6-24-2001
New York Times: Bush to reverse snowmobile ban in Yellowstone Park. They call it a "tunnel of fumes" and say it's "like being in a bar--you're dizzy, nauseous, your throat is burning and your eyes are burning." White House correspondents describing a press conference with Ari Fleischer? No, it's Yellowstone rangers giving their reasons for supporting the Clinton-administration ban on snowmobiles in the national park. Such parks should give people the opportunity to escape the noise and pollution of the city, but snowmobiles give Yellowstone that interstate feel. They also interfere with the winter food search of bison. Three years of public meetings and comment resulted in the snowmobile ban, but Bush will reverse that process with no input from the public.
6-22-200 uses the IRS and federal funds to send out a campaign letter. Just about everyone knows that the IRS will be sending out rebate checks later this year from Bush's ill-advised tax cut. But the president, who campaigned against wasteful government spending, is having the IRS spend more than million to send a letter to taxpayers to let them know they'll be getting a refund. Perhaps the dozen or so people who haven't yet heard the news are worth the full million. The letter, perhaps unsurprisingly, glowingly mentions Bush's role in the cut because, after all, it's never to early to start campaigning. 6-20-2001
CNN : Bush seeks settlement for tobacco lawsuit. Despite the government's strong case against tobacco companies, Attorney General John Ashcroft indicates that the Justice Department will seek to settle the lawsuit. This has two effects. It weakens Justice's case by presenting a much less confident front, and it helps yet another industry that--you guessed it!--gave a lot more money to Bush than to Al Gore. 6-15-2001
Washington Post: Bush denies Africans AIDS drugs through international aid agency. The president's choice to run the US Agency for International Development, Andrew Natsios, argues against giving antiviral drugs to the 25 million Africans that suffer from AIDS. His reason? Africans can't tell time. Taking AIDS drugs often involves a strict regimen, and Natsios seems to think that all Africans are primitive villagers who won't be able to understand complex Western ideas like "four o'clock." Instead, he suggests, we must stress "abstinence, faithfulness and the use of condoms" for preventing future outbreaks. So while Natsios thinks that Africans won't understand our Western concept of time; he doesn't mind trying to impose his Western morality. 6-10-2001
Associated Press:Bush refuses to give California an exemption for gasoline additives. Federal regulations require the addition of an "oxygenate" to gasoline to make it burn more cleanly. California recently phased out a common oxygenate, MTBE, because it was polluting the water supply. Another option is ethanol, but California Governor Gray Davis asks for an exemption to the oxygenate rule because refiners have developed other ways to make the gasoline cleaner. Adding oxygenates to the gas increases the cost of gasoline, and Davis is obviously sensitive to energy prices. Bush refuses Davis's request, showing that the 2004 campaign is already in full swing. Support for ethanol is crucial for presidential candidates in Iowa, where the corn-based fuel additive is important to the local economy.6-10-2001
CNN: Bush threatens to veto the Kennedy-Edwards-McCain patients' bill of rights. When Republicans were in control of Congress, the president could state unequivocally that he supported a patients' bill of rights. After all, he's a Reformer with Results. But now that the Democrats run the Senate, a bill with real reform might end up on his desk. Such a bill might allow, for example, someone whose spouse died because an HMO refused medical treatment to collect a judgement of more than ,000. Calling such real reform "a trial lawyers' bill," White House chief of staff Andy Card indicates that Bush will veto the bill if it reaches his desk. Hey, that couldn't have anything to do with all those campaign contributions from the insurance industry, could it? 6-9-2001
New York Times: Bush delays release of Reagan's presidential records. Most of the members of the Bush administration have a long history in Republican politics. Donald Rumsfeld is enjoying his second term as secretary of defense. Vice President Cheney was President Ford's chief of staff. Is it so surprising, then, that Bush would delay the release--mandated by a post-Watergate reform law--of President Reagan's records? Who knows what current administration player will be embarrassed by the documents, which contain advice given to the former president by close advisers? When it's a choice between bringing the truth to light or protecting his cronies (not to mention his father), you can be sure on which side you'll find our president standing. 6-8-2001
St. Petersburg Times: Bush keeps protesters at bay. At a public appearance to celebrate the president's tax cut in Tampa, Florida, protesters are forbidden to carry signs or express opinions that differ from administration policy. Instead, they are directed to a roped-off area one-third of a mile from the stadium designated--get this--a First Amendment zone. That might just be the greatest example of modern Orwellian double-speak ever. Last time we checked the Constitution, it didn't include limitations as to where one could enjoy the freedom of speech.Read a first-person account of oppression at the rally6-8-2001
Washington Post: Bush accelerates missile defense plans. Congress hasn't authorized it. The international community repudiates it. That doesn't stop our president from pursuing a missile defense system, which by its nature trashes important international treaties. The new goal is to get at least part of the system operational by 2004, since there's a good chance Bush won't be the president after then. 6-7-2001
CNN: Bush signs his enormous tax cut. "Tax relief is an achievement for families struggling to enter the middle class," says the president as he signs the bill containing a $1.35 tax cut into law. Of course the president's bill doesn't help anyone trying to enter the middle class. The most a family not already in the middle class can receive under the cut is plus per child a year, and most will get a fraction of that amount. That's far from enough money to move anyone from one class to another. The wealthy, on the other hand, will net thousands, and in some cases millions of dollars from Bush cuts. "The surplus is the people's money, and we ought to trust them with that money," Bush says, ignoring the rather obvious principle that surpluses obtained during boom times should be applied to deficits incurred during slower economies. The federal debt, after all, is the people's debt, and someone has to pay for it. 6-7-2001
Washington Post: Bush caves to steel industry's threat against retired workers. Presidents aren't supposed to negotiate with terrorists, right? When an industry threatens to eliminate health insurance benefits for its retired workers if the government doesn't impose trade protections, it fits the very definition of a terrorist: threatening innocent bystanders to accomplish ideological goals. Bush himself often talks about the "bully pulpit" of the presidency, and this is the perfect opportunity to use it. Instead of caving into the steel industry's demands, he could make a public statement repudiating the industry's position and demanding that it not use its workers' health as a negotiating tool. Instead he gives the companies what they want, ensuring that other business groups will be comfortable using these tactics for years to come. 6-1-2001
Associated Press: Bush refuses to issue proclamation for Gay Pride Month. You can't have it both ways. You can't promise to be everybody's president--a uniter, not a divider--and then turn around and choose to discriminate against a select group of Americans. But Bush decides to do just that by not signing a proclamation declaring June Gay Pride month as Clinton did before him. "The executive office of the president will not sponsor an observance for Gay and Lesbian Pride Month," reads an internal White House memo. What a wonderful example for tolerance the president is setting. 5-29-2001
Newsweek: Bush undermines Justice Department suits against polluting companies. We're not sure where people got the idea that conservatives think criminals should be punished for their crimes. In his new energy policy, Bush calls for the Justice Department to "review" (read: dump) lawsuits against energy and other companies that break environmental laws. These companies--filled with Bush campaign contributors--regularly flout the law, but don't look for this supposedly conservative administration to enforce it. (Is this where the compassion part comes in?) Protecting campaign contributors from federal prosecution seems like an obvious abuse of power, the kind that presidents should be impeached for. As one attorney at Justice put it, "ongoing law-enforcement activity was supposed to be out of bounds from politics."
Comments by Doug from Indiana

Dubya drank and drove.While the press will have their fun with biographies they will have at best, a marginal impact on the outcome of the election. Can anyone name where Gore went to college or what he looked like? the election will be decided by current media images, gut feelings, and who has the most volunteers and money to spread a candidates message and not so much by a photo of the candidate in 1971. Besides people have a natural inclination to like Doctors :-).
Comment by Keith Brekhus

Dean is the man. Bush is going down, and lots of people KNOW this war on terrorism is just a way for panic and others to gain control over the population.9-11? I'm not a fucking kid, give me the story straight.9-11 was a fucking hoax, people died, but not for the reasons anyone wants to believe they died for. There are still HUNDREDS of unanswered questions about 9-11, I don't believe the government's story for a min.
We declare a national emergency in uncovering what really happened on 9/11/2001 through an immediate call for an independent collaborative investigation worldwide. The U.S. government could help us but instead is doing everything it can to stop any investigations into 9/11.The People's Investigation of 9/11 is an assemblage of international researchers and activists. Task-based functional groups work together on various projects, including research topics and volunteer efforts, in unison with other 9/11 evidence-finding efforts. Until a legitimate independent citizen's committee is funded and recognized by the U.S. government or a world political body or court, it is left up to the citizens of the world to investigate and share what they know with others. It is critical that you at the least learn what is already known -- If you are new to the 9/11 Investigation, try starting with What We Know and the resources to the left. The Center for Cooperative Research is also a good starting place. Please join our effort and begin learning, teaching, investigating and organizing as a people's investigator. taken from www.911pi.comlook at the polls, Kerry is not going anywhere. Dean will take us there, and he will pick someone strong on national defense. maybe like general Wesley Clark. Anyway the people are and will keep getting behind dean, he is the one.
Comment by Doug from Indiana

On offense to anyone, but you all wrong. Bush is a great President. THE BEST THERE IS!
Comment by Becky B.

I would vote for Hillary Clinton before I voted for George Bush. That shows the amount of disgust I have for W. George Bush I had popularity ratings of 90% right after the Persian Gulf War. But the economy kept getting worse, Pat Buchanan won New Hampshire, Ross Perot sapped conservative votes, and a little-known governor named Bill Clinton won a huge electoral victory. The economy now is the worst it has been in 30 years. Worse than Carter's economy (but less inflation.) Bush continues to make our army the police force of the world, sending them to Liberia now. I hope the bum loses his home state of Texas in 2004.
Comment by Jonathan in GA

I'm back to defend my canidate Howard Dean. We have had a fantastic weekend. 70,000 people are now signed up with Dean Meetup. Campaign supporters rose from 233,000 to 251,000. Pundits say this momentum will some die out, but I seriously doubt that veiw. I'am a 30 year Rebulican so a debate with Bush supporters is welcome. I must warn you I'm not an intellectual, but I watch the Cabel closely. I, like Howard Dean, am angered. I have a compassion problem. I had a question tearing at my mind, it just wouldn't stop. I take February and March off due to cold weather. This gave me the time to watch all the moves. The deceptive speechs by all members of the administration including my former hero Colin Powell. I knew this was a push by the neocon Cabel to dominate the Middle East. Saddam is not a nice guy but he was innocent of the charges leveled against him and his country. Charges that lead to war were, imminent threat by use of bio and chemicl weapon and nuclear weapons. Since then new excuses such as Saddam is bad guy and freedom for the Iraqi people have been used to cover for the absent weapons. Please remember the reason to go to war proved to be wrong. Any after the fact argument is not relevent to our going to war. The anger? watching the news I see a 17 year old Iraqi girl with bandages from head to toe and her parents were begging American doctors, jouralists, soldiers, anyone that they could to help their daughter. She had burns over 90% of her body. The Iraqi doctors had no more bandages to give her due to sanctions. She had been in these bandages 7 days. What has she done to me and America to deserve to have her young life destroyed like this. I don't know if she lived or died. Many more innocent people, men ,women and children suffered the same fate. Now how can I ever say I'm sorry? I can't. How can I make this right? I can't. I can only go to work tomorrow, swing my hammer, throw some boards around and hurry home to get on the net and hope to stem this maddness that has gripped our country. Jennifer you say some people say the President is stupid. You think he may be smart. Go to:www.PNAC. This website is sponsered by Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, William Kristol, Dan Quayle and many other neocon Republicans who advocate world domination through military force and economic power to shape the world in our likeness. I don't think Bush is stupid or smart. Look at this webite and you may decide these guys are evil. Howard Dean will defend this country if under threat just as I would. Howard Deans anger is the same compassion that fueled my anger.
Comment by Charles in Montana

There should be kinder remarks on the Bush comments page. So here I go. Bush has done a wonderful job at being President. He has tryed to bring prayer back to our schools and in our lives. He is trying to end abortion. He has given tax refunds to families with children who need it. He has never raised taxes. He gave money and support back in the hands of the people, and he will keep up this wonderful work he has done if he wins the election in 2004 again. Vote Bush!!!!!! Look at all the wonderful things he has done for our country. I love him for it, and you should too. Vote Bush 2004. I'm not trying to be the odd women out here, but does anybody here think George Bush is doing a good job for our country? I thought he handled the War with Iraq well, and 9/11 was his strongest support time. Now it seems like so many are against him. All presidents get critized. I just think we should stand by the man we choose, instead of tearing him down all the time. Many people will do that to the next Pres. too. I am a deep catholic and I think we need more prayer in our schools and government. If you leave out God, you have left out all morals. But that's all I'm going to say on the subject. Ann Please post my comments for Bush. I am one for Bush. Alot of people beleive the war had to be done. We were in a treat with Iraq and Bush did what he could to avoid war, but couldn't. Other people say he started the war. I'm not sure, but Bush is a smart man. I don't beleive the people who say he's stupid. People are always cruel and senical to Presidents. He speaks well in public.
Comment by Jennifer

I voted for Bush the first time around, but I am a democrate. I feel like Bush is going to win again. He's got really popular over the last 4 years. I know he barely won last time, but this time he could win by a landside. I really don't want him to win. My view on him has changed. YOu see I really didn't vote for him because I thought he would be just a great president. Well lets face it he's not!!!!! I voted for him because I couldn't stand Al Gore. I thought Al Gore would be a shit President. Gore would have been even worst. I took the lower of 2 evils. I really don't know alot of the other men who are up against him, but I'm looking into it. I want to vote on the democrat side. I just want it to be the right person. I was hearing about Dean, from some friends. I liked that he was a doctor before he became a politican. I'm hoping he has a heart. I heard he was a for Peace. I don't want to go though another 4 years of Bush shoven lies of Weapons of Mass Destrution down our throats and telling other countries to "Bring It On" I don't want to see another relative of any president become president. I want a new man so he can get dirty. "Just Joking". I do think people pick at Presidents alot. I may go for Dean. My girlfriend likes him. We are both liberals. Someone said Bush's Dad was popular too and he lost against Clinton. I hope that happens again. I will vote Democrate too. If the Democrate side is not totally mess up. All the democratic side would have to be is fairly decent and they would get my vote. I'd like an honest politican if I could find one. Bush sure isn't one.
Comment by Brett

Abortion is murder. I don't care if it is 1st term, 2nd term, 3rd term or what? It's murder, and George Bush is the only one who is against abortion, and homosexuality. He's the only one who will stand up for what is right. I stand by President George Bush. He is a man of honor. He needs to serve again. Or we may get another no morals President like Clinton was. My vote is for Bush.
Comment by Roger Dale

you need to read some previous threads on BUSH.The facts are out there on the lies and deceptions,and if that's not enough,he's a thief. He stole the last election and did not win the popular vote.He says one thing then does another.We have lost 6 million jobs,our security has never been more at risk than it is now,and we have an out of control budget deficit that will continue to climb. We are NOT winning the war on terroism as he has NO plan.He uses rhetoric that appeals to mainstreamers,but has lost international respect around the world. 911 was an excuse for BUSH and his gangsters to procede with their oil agenda..that's HIS plan to keep us safe, and all the while he's protecting his OWN interests and agenda! If he continues down this path we will become a nation of the "Republican guard",as his appointments to the supreme court will make our lives un-equal in every respect.It depends where you're coming from,but we were sold a world of goods re: this war! Where are the weapons,where is SADDAM?? Bin-Laden is still on the loose,and our airports are not secure. Our environment needs a real clean-up and why do you think we're drinking all this bottled water? Our military is compromised as never before ,and his plan is to decrease beefits from those that have served ,and will continue to serve this nation for so many or how many more years, as that's where he's posistioned us ! The military is composed of minorities,as BUSH has nothing more to offer them.These are the people we need to fight for,not the wealthy ,that got this huge tax break. That tax break is where BUSH is getting his huge benfit to get re-elected as those people will donate that money back to him! Not grim enough yet,there's more.Our children have never been more at risk..he just left 13 million of them behind. I want my kids to succeed,and that means good schools,good teachers,NO vouchers or at least a discussion about vouchers before they're imposed as the norm, and smaller class size. We have a critical nursing shortage in this country,no health care plan that works "for the people", 43 million un-insured citizens, and a senior drug prescription plan that will cost them more than they pay now! If you're concerned about your safety {and you'd better be },we need a leader that is well versed on these issues and it's not GWB! The roots of war is failed diplomacy ,BUSH is a failed diplomat ! His very words"BRING EM'ON",was indeed a threat to our security,and terrorists will "bring em'on"! I respect your views on abortion,but it's my belief it's still a woman's right to choose,and you know does "W"'S mom! I could never make that choice for myself,but that is me, as I am not walking in the shoes of other women that need to make that most compelling decesion of their life. For sure we don't want to go back to the days of back alley abortionists, and if left to "W" we will go there! It will be interesting to [perhaps} find out just
what was the "intelligence" on 911 or what did "W" know and when did he know it,and exactly were those 16 words that mis-led this nation into a war a misclaimer to our defense and democracy ? Those questions will probably never be answered if BUSH is allowed to continue this Presidency. "We the people" deserve better,and we need to expect more from those that serve "we the people".
Comment by Patti Ferschke

bush did say that he would be giving money for AIDS organziations in South Africa. i certainly applaud him for that. i also like what he has done by signing the nurse reinvestment act. i still think that he should allocate more money for stem cell research instead of having the 64 stem cell lines that are already in place. i think that is part of the reason why most of hollywood is not supporting him. you have a few handful of actors such as arnold schwartznagger and bruce willis who are republicans in tinseltown.
Comment by Sindhu Kumar

Bush's pledge to help fight AIDs in Africa is certainly a good move, and I support it. Look at the numbers - he wants to give billion over about 5 years in aid. Great! BUT depending on where you look for the information, the continuing military action in Iraq is costing the US billion or much, much more every MONTH. I see this as a major flaw in his priorities, especially when you consider that the AIDs money has not yet been approved by Congress and will probably be cut down before it passes. He is spending money that could be much better used at home or internationally to fund a war that many people didn't want in the first place, and that he misled the country into supporting.
Comment by Alison Brown

PERSONALLY, I LIKE WES CLARK. WHAT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT IS, WHY WHEN THE WAR STATRTED ,DIDN'T HE SPEAK OUT ? WHAT I SAW WAS ANOTHER PUNDIT THAT THE MEDIA BROUGHT ON TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE OF "W". SORRY I DON'T GET THAT ONE.HE HAS YET TO MAKE A STANCE AS TO WHETHER HE'S A DEM OR REPULICAN. IT'S ALSO BEEN SAID WHEN 911 HAPPENED HE GOT A CALL FROM THE BUSH TEAM THAT SAID:"JUST AGREE WITH US,THIS IS WAR" ,AND THE PERSON ON THE OTHER SIDE JUST HUNG UP.DO YOU FOLKS SEE WHAT'S AT STAKE HERE? I'M HAPPY TO SEE SOME REPUBLICANS READY TO TAKE BUSH TO TASK ON THE LIES. IF YOU ALL WANT SOME VERY GOOD EDITORIAL WRITINGS..IT'S http//} go there as many fine writers appear there daily,and you can catch up on Mondays from the week-ends. Also}.After you've spent some time there let me know what you think. Now ,today we hear BUSH is going right and center with what the DEMS plan to do,and we'll have another four years of say one thing do another..and sadly the public will buy it !
Comment by Patti Ferschke

On the subject of security I have a few opinions and you may well be right that people are in fear and would vote away there freedom and economic futures for security. The administration uses that fear to their advantage every day. Its use isn't limited to the Bush Cabel. When I was growing up there was a commie behind every tree. We were taught in school what to do in the event of a atomic attack.(put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye was the in joke) The Russians are coming. The Red Chinese are Russian and American concerns. We had to stop the expansion of Communism in S.E. Asia. We really have a problem Ism , like Fascism, Nazism, Communism, and now we have Terrorism. Oh and I shouldn't forget our Imperialism. Well, to the point. Benjamin Franklin said something to the affect that if your are willing to sacrifice liberty for securitty you deserve niether. Hopefully People will see throught the fog of fear and save liberty. Governments use fear- orange alert- red alert. It is all bull. If attacked Americans will respond. The rest is a rouge. P.S. Iraq was as much of a threat as Humpty Dumpty.
Comment by Charles in Montana

I saw someone on CNN- I don't remember who, but I think they made a good point. He said that the security from terrorism has replaced the economy as the most important issue, and that Americans might forgive Bush for the economy if he can make them feel safe. I think that is a good point to consider. If 9/11 would have never happened then Bush would certainly be thrown out on his rear due to the bad economy, but now he has another issue to revitalize his campaign. I don't mean to sound insensitive to the victims, nonetheless this is a relevant issue and whether the Democrats can allay the American people's fear from another attack may be the overriding issue. Unfortunately, it may also be the issue that gets Bush back in office. In the end, its security vs. the economy and which the American people believe to be more important.
Comment by Michael Bohannon

You say "Dean only attracts those who oppose Bush." True. This is a contest - people who like Bush will vote Bush. People who don't like Bush will vote for the Democrat. How is this a bad thing? By criticizing Bush's mistakes, Dean is increasing the number of people who are aware of those mistakes, and who are less likely to vote Bush in 2004.
On the issue of foreign policy: Bush had no foreign policy experience. Neither did Clinton. Or any other governor who has become president. What governors do have, however, is experience running a state. Historically, candidates who have the experience of being a governor are more successful than those who come from the Senate.
Comment by Alison Brown

Look you guys, I have many Republican friends that detest what BUSH has done to this country. However, these very same folks will vote for BUSH again, if DEAN is the candidate! I don't want to take that chance and LOSE this election, it's much too important to do that! Running a great campaign is one thing ,and no argument, DEAN has done that. Standing up to BUSH thugs and Carl Rove will be something else, and getting those "swing" votes is the key to winning. Go, JOHN my opinion, DEAN only attracts those who oppose BUSH. the issues are much more broad than the one's DEAN proposes !He has NO foreign policy experience, and that's what the voters will be watching!..
Comment by PATTI

I love the idea of Dean running TV ads in the heart of Texas. Hopefully Bush will get to see the ad while he is vacationing at his ranch. It is precisely this kind of brash, bold risk-taking that makes Dean so much more appealing than the other Democrats. For too long, Democrats have lost races by playing it safe and going through the usual dull array of pandering to a few specific consticuencies, attending a few 500 plate fundraisers with Democratic big wigs, and then come election day they wonder why the average Jane or Joe doesn't bother to vote or pulls the lever for the other side.Rather than pulling a Lieberman or Gephardt and saying "well I am just like Bush on the war, and just about like Bush on the economy and well I am a swell guy just like the president so pick me--Bush Lite"...Dean says "pick me, I am not like Bush!"...what a radical idea, running AGAINST the incumbent and saying what you will do differently for a better America instead of saying "I'm kind of like George and I want to be President too and my prescription drug plan for Seniors is a wee bit better than his and thats why you should pick me even though I voted for his war" etc.
Ok, I might be exaggerating my caricature of Lieberman and Gephardt, but yeah, I am tired of the Democrats rolling over and playing dead. Its about time somebody showed enough chutzpah to take the gloves off and aim for Bush's belly from the start...pardon the boxing analogy but we don't need another split decision like Bush versus Gore.
Dean has come out swinging so Karl Rove you better get out the smelling salts because your boy Dubya will be on the ropes before he knew what hit him. All us crazy Americans that you forgot to pay attention to are going to help Dean deliver a knockout punch to Bush's presidential career next November! Ok that was cathartic...sorry, I had to vent a little :-).
Comment by Keith Brekhus

Dean can address his lack of foreign policy experience the same way Bush did in 2000, by choosing a Vice President who has a reputation in foreign policy.I think General Wesley Clark from Arkansas would make a good choice for Dean in that regard and I also think many voters who support our military but are unsure about Bush's Iraq war and it's lack of an endgame plan would lineup behind a ticket with Clark on it.I think Dean/Clark is a potential winning ticket.
Comment by Wayne in Missouri

First of all, it just "floors" me to realize that a lot of people don't inherently already know or agree on how to correctly treat others. Given that, this election is going to take a lot of strategy, just like if we were in an actual war ourselves. Busy people need to do a lot of careful screening and pay close attention to what is going on the world. ( It is no mistake that we Americans are kept twice as busy as we were , say 30 years age.) I remember when only one parent in a household needed to work to keep a family going. Now it requires 2 or more. What a clever way to pull the wool over our eyes, if you will. Our present Bush regime is not good for a lot of reasons. At any rate Americans, now more that ever, need to take voting seriously (especially minority groups) otherwise, we might find ourselves locked out of the right to survive. Look at Nazi Germany, there is nothing today, that says the current Bush administration could not be headed in that direction.
Comment by Tara

Patti I agree with you that although many Democrats like Dean, I don't really think he has a chance to win enough swing votes to tip the scale in his favor. I may be dead wrong on this and perceptions can change, but for the most part I think that Dean is perceived as being a little too far to the left. I myself am officially a swing vote, neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I like Dean, but if the Dems want to win the election I think it best to go with a candidate that is more moderate. That may seem like selling out, but what's the alternative: FOUR MORE YEARS OF BUSH!!!! How lovely!
Comment by Michael Bohannon

I really needed the Tax refund that Bush just gave for Families with children. I needed it to pay bills. Bush has been the only president that has given us these wonderful tax breaks for families with children. So do any of U know if any of the Democratic nominees will be willing to give tax cuts too? Democrats seem 2 tax poor people a lot.We should ask ourselves if a democrat gets elected, will we be able to pay our taxes?
Comment by Leanne

I don't know who can win against Bush to be honest. I voted for Bush, but I've been so frustrated with his myoptic view of the world. I've always voted conservatively, but I have in recent years been moving toward the middle. In actuality, I think I'm in political limbo like the rest of America. I don't think that Americans are necessarily apathetic as is usually charged; I think that they are just jaded by the two-party system. I wish there was a viable third party if not just to keep the Republicans and Democrats somewhat honest. Whatever the results of this upcoming election, I know for my part I am voting against George Bush.I think what bothers me most about the war is the way the American people just fell in line with the Bush administration's propaganda, and propaganda is the right word to use here. The causes for our pre-emptive attack were so ambiguous and changed so many times that I still don't know what the real motivation was. Yet, the American people changed as the propaganda changed. Whether or not you ultimately supported the war, there should of at least been some questioning. To question the reasons for going to war is not being un-American, in fact, that's the essence of being American. We are supposed to hold our elected officials accountable for their decisions. Yet, if you voiced even as much as a concern, not an outright condemnation, you were branded a Hussein supporter. We're talking about war here. Even with the best intentions, war has devastating effects- it always does. My fear is not so much the candidates and our government, but the American people. I fear that as long as the economy is booming and we can enjoy a high standard of living, we the American people don't really care what happens to the rest of the world, and much worse, don't really care what our government does to the rest of the world.
Comment by Michael Bohannon

I believe in Bush. He is a true Christian Man. He is against gays in the military. That was a crazy thing that Clinton wanted to do and I'm glad Bush put a stop to that nonsense. Now his wife Hilary wants to give gay people that live together in the same home the same benefits as married people. I hope Bush has puts a stop to that craziness too. Bush is a fine man, who believes in God and good more Christian morals for our country. He's trying to bring prayer back in our schools. He's the only president that would stand up against terrorism. Clinton sit back and did nothing. That's why 9/11 happened.
Comment by Roger

For what it's worth, on the abortion issue, I think you really can't say how you feel about it until you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. I used to think abortion was wrong and I'd never have one. I didn't condemn others who did but I couldn't fathom the idea myself. Well, I ended up with a pregnancy in this totally untenable situation. My partner's children from an earlier marraige could not have handled it. My parents could not have handled it. I would have ended up estranged from everyone I loved and with a child for whom I could not provide and whom I couldn't bear to give up. It was the most difficult decision I have ever made to terminate my pregnancy at 6 weeks, but it was the right one. I now have carried two beautiful children and have a strong happy family that includes my teenage stepchildren.The vast majority of women do not end their pregnancies lightly. The only thing that every person can agree on from both sides of this issue is that the rate of unwanted pregnancy should be brought to an absolute minimum. All the available information shows that the only effective way to achieve this is through sex education and access to birth control, which allows women to make a concious choice whether to bear a child. Bush may be a Christian man but his actions blocking funding for international family planning will cause thousands of women to have abortions or to carry children for whom noone can properly care. Many of these women will have no access to prenatal care and some will effectively receive death sentances themselves when they develop fistula from treatable complications during delivery. Please educate yourselves to the reality of this situation, all you who favor Bush on this issue.
Comment by Little Ann

It doesn't matter who wins the election. There will be another recount in Florida like it was with the last 2 elections, and Bush will win the election again. I think Bush will cheat in Florida just like he did last time. That brother of his will rig the election. Gore won last the election in 2000last time anyway, Bush should not be president. 4 years later we're still Bush Wacked
Comment by Chris

Bush has tried to fight for the laws against abortion. He's the only one who has tried. I respect him for that. I think he has done a great job in deffending our country with Homeland Security. he set strong new standards for our country's security, and like Roger said he has tried to bring prayer back in our schools. He has been a great President.I still support Bush He is the only one against abortion. Pro-choice is just a word or phase that has been made up so people can kill in the name of convince. It's not a choice. It's a baby. It's a life. Abortion is murder.
Comment by Jennifer

Bush didn't change any late term abortion laws. Late term abortions are already illegal. The partial birth abortion ban is extremely vague and will probably be overturned just as the Oregon state law was overturned.
Comment by Jonathan in GA

Anybody but Bush. I would vote for a dead corpse before I would vote Bush. Anybody but Bush. Bush can't win. There is too many people against him. No president has ever won a second term after putting the country in a major war like the one he just did. Bush would be the first president to do so if he could pull off winning again. I hope Bush falls, this election. He is killing America.
Comment by Martin

Bush is the man I'm going with. I believe in what he stands for< like trying to get prayer back in our schools and our life>. Bush is for everything that God is for. George Bush is great President and he will be again for another 4 years and I'm a standing by him.
Comment by Roger Dale

Bush may be bad, but Bill Clinton is even worse. If Clinton was President the whole world would be messed up. When did he ever do anything to stop terrorism. I'm a democrate, and I voted for Bush in the last election, but this time I hope John Kerry makes it to the Presidancy. I think John Kerry is the man to fix the economy. I would have voted democratic in the last election, but I knew Gore was a fool. I'm think they may get a good man on the democratic side this time. I'm rooting for Kerry.
Comment by Jenny

Bush + Dick = we're all fucked
Comment by Joy

The republican party is the devil.
Comment By Lee Pedigo

I have no problem with Bush, other than the War with Iraq. I can get over that he has totally devoured our American Economy, and Americans can't find jobs because of it, but I can't get over the senseless deaths of the innocent Iraqian people and our own troops in uniform. It was heart braking to me to see what happened to the people of Iraq and what is still happening to them. I've always believe President Bush just wanted to prove his daddy right or something, because his father was the first to go to war with Iraq. He wanted his daddy to be right in history or something, so I believe that might have been why he pushed the war with Iraq so hard. He's always said he's like his daddy. He has his daddy's eyes, his daddy's job, and he has ordered the death of thousands of innocent Iraqians just like his daddy.I have a brother in the military. We are very patriotic family. People would think my family and I should be all for the war, but even a lot of military people believe this war was a personal vindication of President Bush's own desires of oil gains for his control. President Bush seems so gong ho about war. Who knows what kind of conflicts, he will put us in if we give him another 4 years.
I'm not a democrat or a republican. I vote for the man I believe will do the best job, and I believe Bush is so popular he will be hard to beat, maybe even impossible, but I'm scared of what will happen if he wins again. I want a President who will rebuild foreign relationships with the middle east, North Korea, and Liberia and put our countries economy back on track, and I don't think Bush will do that. Instead of just pointing the finger at these countries and calling them evil, which is what Bush has done in the past to Iraq and North Korea, I want a President to say, we want to be your friend and allies, and try to rebuild our foreign relations. So please go and vote, and vote for the man you believe will do the best job. I hope whoever becomes the Democratic candidate has a message, that will give us hope and inspiration in these desperate times.
Comment by Ann Stewart

Bush has got my support. My faith and belief is in the acts Bush has proven he will and can do. He's done a fine job. Ann almost every president has had to go to war at sometime or another. I think he handled it better than any man could have, when 9/11 happened, I believed he was some of the glue that held this country together. That had to be the worst time in history for America. I feel like he handled it better than anybody could have. He's a fine man and a great President. I wish him the best of luck in the 2004 race.
Comment by Becky B.

Well I love what Bush does sometimes, and than I hate what he does sometimes too. Your right Becky about September 11th. I think Bush did handle the aftermath of that well, and I think Americans were very patriotic at the time and stood by President Bush, but I hate all the soldiers who are getting killed in Iraq and I wish Bush would pull them out of there. I just think we went to war with Iraq without proving just cause to the world. I think a lot of the world, especially the middle east, believes Bush went to war with Iraq for personal gain of oil.
Comment by Ann Stewart

I used to have a position were people ask me question about Europe when I lived in Germany. I am a Republican for right know. The Bush family did a whole lot for us Germans and I never will forget these. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a special moment for me. I will support bush for one more year. Then America gets to vote again and bush has to show his work what he has done if I am satisfied I would vote again for him, but I also have to look what the other candidates have to over. They are not bad either. Maybe you find here more democrats then republicans because dr. Gupta is a democrat.I understand that you are worried about the war situation.The problem is President Bush pushed the war situation that it is impossible for him to stop.I personaly think they don't find any illegal weapons.So President Bush owes then an answer to the military familes and the nation.I don't think I would vote for a second time for him. By an election I always look at all options and who I think does the best job gets my vote.
Comment by Vanessa

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