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Election 2004
Who will win? Who supports whom? Who's ahead in the race? What are your comments? Here you can give your opinion. America wants to hear what you have to say.Click here to post your comments and join the debate.

What Democratic candidate do you think can win against Bush?
Without Al Gore and Tom Daschel in the mix, there are new opportunities for people who would not have previously declared their candidacy.
Vermont Governor Howard Dean has announced that he will run for the nomination. Having been a physician, he will have an advantage on health care issues, which are important matters at the moment given the soaring costs of both medical care and malpractice insurance.
Richard Gephardt has also talked about entering the race. He has already run in 1988 and will have some campaign experience over his competition. One thing that might be difficult for him is his share of the blame for the recent GOP sweep of the House and Senate and the Democratic Party's minority status in the House during his years as the minority leader in that institution.
A first-term Senator, John Edwards from North Carolina, is also considering a bid for the White House. Though he is short on experience, he is very charismatic and could match George W. Bush's folksy style. However, the electorate may decide that he needs more seasoning.
Massachusett Senator John Kerry an alumnus of Saint Paul's School, has already announced that he is a candidate for the 2004 election. Although the last Massachusetts Democrat who ran against a Bush lost by a large margin (Michael Dukakis in 1988), Kerry might avoid the label of being a liberal Massachusetts Democrat. He is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, has a great deal of experience with foreign policy, and projects a vigorous role in the world for the United States.
Perhaps the strongest candidate is the Vice Presidential nominee in 2000: Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. Lieberman had promised that he would not run against Al Gore, his former running mate, but, now that Gore dropped out of the race, Lieberman will run. On January 13th, he declared his candidacy at his old high school, "the place where [his] dreams started." Lieberman has supported Bush's policies towards Iraq and Korea and helped pass the Homeland Security Act. He is a moderate, which might give him some difficulties in the primaries, where the more liberal base of the Democratic Party turns out in large numbers. Lieberman would be the first Jewish person to head a national ticket.
Another potential candidate is Al Sharpton. Though he has never held a public office, Reverend Sharpton feels that he is, "probably more qualified than any other person who is expected to be on the Democratic ticket for 2004." He is an activist for a civil rights group, the National Action Network. Sharpton has announced that he will form a presidential exploratory committee and then decide on whether or not to run.
Several other possible candidates are Bob Graham, Senator from Florida, Joe Biden, Senator from Delaware, Chris Dodd, the other Senator from Connecticut, and General Wesley Clark from Arkansas, though none have yet announced their definite plans. One more person who has hinted at a run is Hillary Clinton, however she has neither declined nor agreed to run in 2004.
This original article is found at http://www2.stmarksschool.org/stmarker/Archive/Bubble/DemocratsBidsforPresidenc.htm
The question is do you think any of these candidates can win against Bush?

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Wesley Clark The New Kid On The Block
Sept. 15,2003
by Ann Stewart

Lee P: I'm leaning toward Clark as a prime runner if he runs, because he has a great military background.

Ann Stewart: Keith: Do you think Clark has a good chance? Lee told me he like him because he has military experience. I like Dean, because he's a doctor. I think a doctor would know best about medical reform and healthcare issues, but Clark is look'in like a strong contender. How many of you think so? Does anybody know where Clark stands on the War issues of Iraq? Is he or was he for it or against it?

Keith Brekhus: Clark was opposed to the Iraq war even though he is a general. He will be a strong candidate. Dean will have a huge fundraising quarter which should keep him on top for now, but Clark will probably vault to a top tier candidate right away. I think Clark's entry hurts Kerry the most and Gephardt the least of the current candidates...personally, Dean is my first choice, Clark second, and Kerry third.

Clark's resume and position on the issues....he needs more specifics on the environment and other domestic issues but generally I agree with him on the positions he has taken so far.


General Wesley K. Clark, Arkansas - Democrat Retired four-star army general Wesley Clark has made visits to New Hampshire, North Carolina and other key states in 2002 to endorse local Democratic candidates. He followed that up with meetings with top national and Iowa party leaders.
He is a 1966 graduate of the United States Military Academy of West Point, New York, where he graduated first in his class. He holds a Master's Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar (August 1966-August 1968). He is a graduate of the National War College, Command and General Staff College, Armor Officer Advanced and Basic Courses, and Ranger and Airborne schools. General Clark was a White House Fellow in 1975-1976 and served as a Special Assistant to the Director of Management and Budget. He has also served as an Assistant Professor of Social Science at the United States Military Academy.

Clark served in the Vietnam War where he was shot in the leg, hip, shoulder and hand. He was the Supreme Allied Commander Europe from 10 July 1997 through 3 May 2000. He was also the Commander in Chief of the United States European Command. He would be the first General since Andrew Jackson to run for President a Democrat.
He and his wife Gert live in Washington, DC. Clark, like the US president under whom he served, Bill Clinton, grew up without a father in Arkansas.

Taxes and budget:
Said he would have opposed Bush's tax cuts. He said "they were not efficient" in stimulating the economy and were "not fair" because they were tilted toward the wealthiest Americans.
"You've got to put the country back on a fiscally sound basis, whether that is in suspending parts [of the tax cuts] that haven't been implemented or rescinding parts, that'd have to be looked at... Taxes are something that you want to have as little of as possible, but you need as much revenue as necessary to meet people's needs for services. The American people on the one hand don't like taxes. None of us do, but on the other hand, we expect the government to do certain things for us."

Clark says he supports many aspects of former president Clinton's economic policy, especially "the basic policy of trying to reduce public-sector debt, which produced a lot of confidence in financial communities around the world."

Foreign Affairs:
Clark, a retired four-star General, would give the Democrats added credibility in criticizing the Bush approach to foreign (espcially military) affairs. The Washington Post reported on Clark's positions: Unless the United States can bring a strong coalition into a war against Iraq, it may put itself in greater danger. The chief threat to U.S. security right now is al Qaeda, he argues. Disarming Iraq is important too, he says, but it's not the most urgent task.

"The issue to me has been that we have known for a long time that Osama bin Laden is a problem. The difficulty was always to mobilize the American people and bring enough comprehensive pressure to bear to do something against terrorism. Well, 9-11 did that. But the administration has squandered a lot of the international goodwill that came our way after the attacks and is now squandering our domestic energy by forcing us into Iraq."

The United States is a 225-year rolling revolution. ... We are the embodiment of the Enlightenment. If we're true to those principles, then it's a foreign policy of generosity, humility, engagement, and of course force where it is needed. But as a last resort."

"This is an administration which really hasn't respected our allies. If you really want allies, you've got to listen to their opinions, you've got to take them seriously, you've got to work with their issues."

He's on the record as opposing the trade embargo with Cuba.
The Bush administration's mistake in Iraq, says Clark, is one of priorities. "They picked war over law. They picked a unilateralist approach over a multilateral approach. They picked conventional forces over special-operations forces. And they picked Saddam Hussein as a target over Osama bin Laden."

Clark worries that the Iraq policy is fatally flawed because it's likely to create new recruits for America's main enemy -- the Islamic fundamentalists who destroyed the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. He recalls a military dictum from his days as commander of the Army's National Training Center: "There are only two kinds of plans -- ones that might work and ones that won't work. You have to avoid a plan with a fatal flaw."

On the issue of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Clark said there was "a certain amount of hype" in the intelligence presented to the public before the war. Asked whether Bush had misled the country, he replied, "I think that's to be determined." He added, "It was never revealed what the imminence of the threat was."

Security, terrorism, civil liberties
"One of the things about the war on terror that I am disturbed about is that we've essentially suspended habeas corpus, which is something that's only been done once in American history and then only for a very brief period. When I go back and think about the atmosphere in which the PATRIOT Act was passed, it begs for a reconsideration and review. And it should be done. Law enforcement agencies will always chafe at any restriction whatsoever when they're in the business of trying to get their job done. But in practice we've always balanced the need for law enforcement with our own protection of our constitutional rights and that's a balance that will need to be reviewed."
"The issue to me has been that we have known for a long time that Osama bin Laden is a problem. The difficulty was always to mobilize the American people and bring enough comprehensive pressure to bear to do something against terrorism. Well, 9-11 did that. But the administration has squandered a lot of the international goodwill that came our way after the attacks and is now squandering our domestic energy by forcing us into Iraq."

"I think one of the risks you have in this operation is that you're giving up some of the essentials of what it is in America to have justice, liberty and the rule of law. I think you've got to be very, very careful when you abridge those rights to prosecute the war on terrorists. So I think that needs to be carefully looked at."

Abortion Issues:
Clark told Michael Tomasky of the American Prospect in an interview that he favors both abortion rights and affirmative action.

Affirmative action:
"[From my childhood in Arkansas,] I saw first hand the racial prejudice, the civil disobedience, the intolerance. I've often gone back to that experience. It's something I've related to."
"I'm in favor of the principle of affirmative action. Whether [the University of Michigan's affirmative action plan] is the right plan or not, and whether that should be 10 points, not 20 points, whether it should be, let's say, an income level cutoff there at which you don't get the points if you're above a certain income, you can tool with the plan. But what you can't have is you can't have a society in which we're not acknowledging that there is a problem in this society with racial discrimination. There is, there has been and the reason so many of us filed [an amicus brief in support of the University of Michigan's affirmative action plan] is we saw the benefits of affirmative action in the United States armed forces. It was essential in restoring the integrity and the effectiveness of the armed forces."

Education and healthcare
"I grew up in an armed forces that treated everyone as a valued member of the team," he said. "Everyone got healthcare, and the army cared about the education of everyone's family members. It wasn't the attitude that you find in some places, where people are fending for themselves and the safety net doesn't work."

Environmental Issues:
"Human beings do affect the environment and all you have to do is fly along the Andes and look at the disappearing glaciers down there and you recognize that there is something called global warming and it's just getting started as China and India modernize."

Ann Stewart: Thanks for the information Keith. That answers all my questions...and I agree with you on Dean is my first choice, Clark second, and Kerry third. I think it would be great to have a doctor in the Whitehouse. Has that ever happened before? Have we ever had an MD in there as President?

Sindhu Kumar: We have never had a president and first lady who are both physicians in the white house before. so this will be the first time to have president physician (Howard Dean) and first lady physician (Judith Steinberg AKA Mrs. Howard Dean).

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All the Fighting and Fun at the 2004 Online Election Debate
Aug. 30, 2003
by Ann Stewart

The fighting is still moving on in this 2004 Online Election Debate. Read some of the comments from the supporters that most stuck out in my mind.

Lee Pedigo: The republican party is the devil.

Patti Ferschke: To Lee,..and I say;"never apologize to a republican for making a mistake"

Joy: Bush + Dick = we're all fucked

Ann Stewart: Boy that's harsh Joy.


Chris: It doesn't matter who wins the election, because there will be a recount in Florida that will cause Bush to win.

Jennifer (Bush Supporter): I still support Bush He is the only one against abortion. Pro-choice is just a word or phase that has been made up so people can kill in the name of convince. It's not a choice. It's a baby. It's a life. Abortion is murder.

Martin: Anybody but Bush. I would vote for a dead corpse before I would vote Bush.

three: Abortion is not murder! Until the point of viability an embryo is not a baby, it is at most a potential. At the stage when most abortions are performed the embryo is a tiny mass of cells, and it is so Orwellian to call it murder. You might as well call masturbation murder (I guess Catholics even go that far).

Roger: I believe in Bush. He is a true Christian Man. He is against gays in the military.

Ann Stewart: I was once a supporter of Bush too. Now I could kick myself.

Eugene: Hillary Clinton should be President. Than she should divorce Bill and marry me. I want to be the first man.

Tara: First of all, it just floors me to realize that a lot of people don't inherently already know or agree on how to correctly treat others. Look at Nazi Germany, there is nothing today, that says the current Bush administration could not be headed in that direction.

Joe Mathews: Howard Dean's got a ways to go to get the "liberal monkey" off his back.

Patti Ferschke: Watch out GEORGE, the monkey's gonna get you yet! You may be healthy,you're gonna need that health as you fall on your own sword!

Roger Dale: Abortion is murder. I don't care if it is 1st term, 2nd term, 3rd term or what? It's murder, and George Bush is the only one who is against abortion, and homosexuality

Patti Ferschke: Sorry Roger,I respect your view,however ..you my dear man have never walked in a woman's shoes. Nor have you ever walked in the shoes of a "gay" person .

Jonathan in GA: I see Bush as by far the worse of two evils.

doug from Indiana: 9-11? i'm not a fucking kid, give me the story straight. 9-11 was a fucking hoax, people died, but not for the reasons anyone wants to believe they died for.

Ann Stewart: I was thinking this is the best way to have a debate. At least this way no one can physical hurt anybody.

Becky B.: You know folks I would vote democratic if I could find a democrat who has any morals. All the democrats are always saying abortion is what they call pro-choice. I call it pro-murder of the innocent and defenseless.

Jennifer (Bush Supporter): Yes Alison you are right, but if you are a Christian, you have to follow your conscious. I put my faith ahead of politics, and I will vote for the person who has the same Ideals and beliefs as I do. Anybody with Christian Morals will vote for Bush.

Patti Ferschke: JEN,go to church to get your religion. Are you "more christian" this past three years because of GWB? If you say yes,you're not being honest with yourself or God !

doug from Indiana: jennifer, i just had a talk with my girlfriend about this(she is very into god) but we both agree, the bible is not a HOW TO RUN A COUNTRY HANDBOOK, in the bible it also says man shall not judge other men.does that mean we should not have courts?prisons?jail?

Samanth Pedigo: I think Bill Clinton can come back and run for President again. He can change the law and serve again.

Keith Brekhus: Honestly, Bill Clinton looked like a hippie at Oxford, he smoked pot (but supposedly didn't inhale...yeah right) and he protested Vietnam. Dubya drank and drove.


Steven Bohannon: Patti, Well maybe Bush will go back to Crawford. He's there right now, and he seems to enjoy it there.

doug from Indiana:patti, we all know kerry is god.


Ann Stewart: Nick nack my Patti's is back.

Patti Ferschke: ANN,OOPS I AM SO DUMB WHEN IT COMES TO THIS PUTER STUFF,PLEASE POST THE dubyaspeak.com site..you are wonderful !

Charles in Montana: Ann, should you feel you are to hard on these murdering neocon Bush thugs, It is my pleasure to take up the slack for you

Keith Brekhus: Ann, Whoever wins will have a big mess dealing with the California budget...its amazing so many people are eager to take on what will likely be a very thankless job.

Ann Stewart: I love that thankless job comment Keith. That's a good way to truthfully word it.

doug in Indiana: jennifer you wrote"I have a belief agianst abortion" and thats interesting, i've noticed ALOT of people say they vote morals first, bible,god fearing,etc. most are repubs, funny thing is, how can you vote for killing someone(death penelty) but yet your aganist abortion? let me tell you what i told my girlfriend, the bible is not a how to run a country handbook.i dont need someones morals forced upon me, i dont need anyone's, oh your a sinner so i'm better. if we believe we believe, if we dont, to bad for us. you say bomb the terrorist, but i bet your all for someone blowing up an abortion clinic huh? you see, before abortion was legal, girls would use coat hangers, and risk death to themself as well as the kid, as sure as i am about how you would like to go back to those days, i would rather not. George W. Pussy.

Becky B. : Doug DON'T YOU DARE GO THERE!!! Just because we are pro-life doesn't mean we want to blow up abortion clinics.

Alison: I certainly don't think all pro-lifers want to blow up abortion clinics - Doug crossed the line with that comment.

Jennifer (Bush Supporter): Doug
If you would get your life right with God. You would not be such a creepy person. You scare everybody with all your crazy talk.

Jennifer (Bush Supporter): I love George W. Bush because he's handsome, intelligent, he has high moral and he's a good Christian.

doug in Indiana: hahaha, a good christian with the most kills in history as a govenor, yeah good Christian thats the problem jenny, i dont need some one with fucked up morals like bush telling me what my morals should be, nor do i need a christian telling me how to live my life, shit next thing you want me to bring my young boys to those good boy loving fathers huh? you god people make me sick, stop tring to force your warped ass views on me and my family, or there will be a holy war, and it will be me making your ass holy, got it? if i wanted to find god, i sure the hell wouldn't look to the president to help me find him. whatever happened to minding your own bizz? why you wanna try and say YOUR christian way is the right way? has god talked to you? did he burn your ass hair with some new commandments? then shut up about morals already, people know right from wrong, thats not what the president job is, would you want your kids bus driver telling you how to invest money? no , because that is not her job.

Jennifer (Bush Supporter): Doug has anybody ever told you that you are a jerk? If not, I will just let you know now. You aren't good enough to lick the dirt off of President Bush's feet. Your a nut.

Come join the 2004 Online Election Debate

Kerry's Brilliant Online Official Blog
By Ann Stewart
Aug. 19, 2003

Candidate Kerry recently launched a brilliant blog
that has had a great show of online support. Kerry really needed this blog. Until this blog showed up there was hardly no way to contact Kerry's supporters, you had to guess if anyone really supported Kerry online or not. Except for Patti Ferschke, she always showed support for Kerry at the 2004 Online Election Debate by trying to win the undecided voters for Kerry. When we first began this 2004 online debate, we were just a group of friends who wanted to know more about the candidates, and we were undecided on whom to support. For those who are still undecided you should come tell them who you support and why. For a while, it seemed like the only supporters that were out there online were mostly Dean's supporters, now Kerry with his new official blog has proven he has a major amount of online support too. Kerry is still in this race just under Dean on most polls. Can this new way of campaigning on the Internet help Kerry win? After seeing the show of support at the Kerry blog, I'm sure the Dean supporters are going to realize Kerry is still very much in this race, and his supporters are out there, and in your online face. Kerry's brilliant on line campaigning has just kicked in, and Kerry is starting to look like a tough candidate to face in the Democrat Primaries.

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Schwarzenegger Takes the Spot Light Away From the Democratic Presidential Candidates
Report by Ann Stewart
August 19,2003

A new twist has taken place in the media. All the attention has been shifted in the political world from the race for the Whitehouse to the California Recall. The media's main focus has been on Arnold Schwarzenegger. Last week Howard Dean was on the front cover of Time and Newsweek Magazines. This week it's all Arnold's show. Read a few comments given by the people at the 2004 Election debate on this subject.

I just saw CNN's Inside politics with John King right now. They showed Arnold Schwarzenegger's new commercial where Arnold stated he wanted to be the People's Governor. The Pressman that analyzed Arnold's commercial stated that Arnold is going to have to be much more specific than that. I think the press is dogg'in down on Arnold a little bit, but yet still giving him all the attention. Arnold is going to have to work harder at proving he can tackle the issues that California faces more than any other candidate in the recall race, just because he is superstar Arnold. I still think the recall is hurting the democratic Candidates for President like Kerry and Dean. The entire Media circus is focus on what Arnold is doing. They are not publicizing where Kerry and Dean are standing on the issues and what their plans are if they get to be elected President. I think that is important for them to have a chance against a popular President like Bush and people aren't going to vote for Kerry and Dean if they don't know who they are and what they plan on doing if they get elected. Having Media support is very important in my opinion. It has the power to sway public opinion and get votes. I wish the press would focus more on the democratic Candidates instead of the Terminator for Governor.
Comment by Ann Stewart

Why should Arnold Schwarzenegger committ to any issues one way or the other? He's running off of popularity, which seems to be the most important attribute for the American people. His campaign strategy is obvious. He's going to reveal as little as possible and only tread in safe waters. He's not going to even attempt to win on the issues. I don't know if there will even be a debate. In fact, this recall election may have given him the best venue to run such a campaign.
Comment by Michael Bohannon

I wouldn't vote for Schwarzenegger myself if I was in CA, since I think he is evasive on lot of issues and I am not sure what his qualifications to govern are. He is running as a celebrity, a novelty candidate, more than anything. He is a bright enough guy and he has been active enough in politics so I doubt he is totally ignorant of the challenges he will face if elected. My guess is Bustamante would be a better Governor however. Whoever wins will have a big mess dealing with the California budget...its amazing so many people are eager to take on what will likely be a very thankless job. I suppose Gray Davis has set a pretty low bar though. Schwarzeneggar could be a lousy Governor and still be an improvement, at least in terms of public opinion. Davis 22% approval rating is about as low as it gets.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

The press has stated before Arnold avoids issues. Arnold as gov. would be kind of scary for me to vote for if I lived in Cal. Do you really think he would make a good governor? Did any of you ever think Jesse Ventura was a good politician? I really don't know what kind of a gov. Arnold would be, but I don't think I would vote for him until he got strong on the issues I believe in. I hear all kinds of jokes coming for his campaign like The Govenator T-shirts and campaign slogans like "vote for me if you want to live" or "asta la veista Davis" and I think people are eating that stuff up. It's just sad to see he will probably win this election on being the most famous and not really the most qualified or the best person for the job and to help the people of California or to work on the issues that California has right now, like the debt California is in right now. You know you ran for Congress Keith. Even if you aren't famous I would vote for you first, cause at least I believe you know something about politics. I'm not sure Arnold does though. Does he really know anything about the job he is trying to get? I think he has a great chance of becoming gov. , but I have family in Cal. So for their sake I hope if he wins he does a decent job for them. My family that lives in Cal. says gas prices are ridicules. It is so expensive to live out there and make a decent living. I wonder if Arnold knows how to help the high cost of living out there? For some reason I really don't think he does. I guess I really don't think he has earned my faith in him as a politician yet. I agree with Michael Bohannon that California seems to be Nuts. I heard a lot of people say Jesse Ventura was the worst politician they ever saw. Maybe that's why he got out. I hope Arnold does better than him if he gets elected.
Comment by Ann Stewart

Updated poll on California Governor's race. Take a look at the numbers and keep an eye on Cruz Bustamante's numbers. While Arnold Schwarzeneggar still leads in every poll but this one as far as I know, His support may be plateauing as voters learn more about him. With several other prominent Republicans in the race (Simon, Issa,and McLintock), as Arnold loses support from the right-wing of his party and they split the Republican vote, Bustamante becomes the beneficiary as the lone prominent Democrat in the race in a heavily Democratic state. I'm still guessing Schwarzeneggar wins in a squeaker (because I'm guessing high turnout among independents and Republicans, and low turnout among Democrats), but Bustamante certainly has a good shot as well, and I wouldn't rule out Gray Davis barely surviving the recall effort. There are 135 names on the ballot, but if Davis is recalled either Schwarzeneggar or Bustamante will suceed him in all likelihood. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A712-2003Aug15.html
Comment by Keith Brekhus

The Democrats will almost certainly carry California in 2004 in the presidential race. In fact, the White House has been lukewarm about the CA recall, simply because they like having Gray Davis (whose approval is hovering around 20%) in office as a Democratic archetype. He gets the boot, they lose a good villain. Arnie winning is double-edged because his liberal positions on gay rights and abortion are at odds with the Republican party's core supporters and if the right-wingers like Mclintock, Issa and Simon start inter-party fighting with Arnie it helps the Democrats. In addition, with 135 candidates on the recall ballot, voters may choose the "devil they know" over the 135 devil-lottery they don't know and kill the recall. Or they may choose Cruz Bustamante (the Democratic Lt. Governor) over Arnold. Personally, I think Davis gets recalled and Arnold becomes the new Governor. I also think Bush will probably be reelected, but I think it is a pipe dream for Republicans to think that Bush carries California. California will go for the Democrat in 2004...I'd bet money on it.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

What do you think will happen if a republican like say Arnold S. wins California? Do you think that will affect the chance of the democratic side losing Cal. in the main election race? California is the most electorial votes of any state.
Comment by Ann Stewart

I am not too worried about the California Governor's race taking too much attention from the presidential race. It will, but the recall will be said and done one way or the other before the first presidential primaries. With any luck the California situation will awaken people to politics in general, and when it is over with, more people might turn their focus to the presidential race rather than being apathetic.
Comment by Keith Brekhus

I am not really sure what is going on politically these days since I am very tied up with my own things. Altho, I have heard of the hoopla going on in Cali. If I lived in Cali...my choice would be Arnold. Quite simply...he is a take charge kind of person. Since he is also an immigrant...I think he'll better understand the needs of immigrant communities and provide equal treatment of all ppl.
Comment by Ali

California has gone nuts!!! Gary Coleman vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I sure hope we get to see that debate. "What'cha talking about Arnold?" Is it really fair to have a recall of this nature with only a simple majority needed? Besides, if the people of California elected him in the first place then they should suffer the consequences. It would serve as a valuable lesson for Californians. I bet a lot of the people who voted for the recall are the same people who didn't make it to the original vote- the one that should matter. I'm tired of hearing apathetic people complain about the government and elected officials. P.S. Does Gary Coleman advocate legalizing marijuana for medicinal uses?
Comment by Michael Bohannon

It's probably true that the media in California would be talking more about Dean if not for the recall, but I'm sure the other candidates are suffering equally from lack of media coverage there. This might even be a good thing for Dean, because it gives lets him get out HIS message before the media has a chance to misrepresent him as being too liberal or not being electable. I know that a lot of the meetups in California on Wednesday were very well attended, and that Dean has a great base of supporters there - I've seen some of them on the blog talk about their plans to flyer and spread the word about him at events related to the recall, where there will be a lot of politically active people. That said, if Schwarzenegger or another Republican is actually elected governor, it raises concerns about the handling of the general election. California has a huge number of electoral votes, and coupled with its new voting technology, which some people think is vulnerable to fraud, it is absolutely essential that the election be handled fairly. The governor is very influential on how such proceedings are handled, as we saw in Florida in 2000. I am reluctant to suggest than any California Republicans would stoop to that level, but it's something to keep in mind. A Democrat would also be able to help the nominee's campaign. I don't think this is an issue just for Dean, I think it is relevant to al lthe Democratic campaigns.
Comment by Alison Brown

Bush Supporters Bite Back
by Ann Stewart
Aug. 7 2003
Something strong happened today in the online debate. The Bush supporters came out in strong voices. This has probably been the strongest day of support for Bush I have seen since the online debate began. Becky B., and Jennifer lashed back at Dean's and Kerry's supporters. Doug, Alison, Keith, Brad, Lysa, Jimmy, Charles, Jonathan and many more stood strong for Dean, and Patti is still hanging tough for Kerry. Also there are still the undecided votes such as Steven, Lee, Michael, and Sindhu. Some say they will vote democratic, but don't know which candidate they will support. No matter what, the debate is getting more interesting with Steven saying Leiberman has possibly a better chance to beat Bush than any other candidate. What do you think? Come join the debate and give us your opinion. America wants to hear what you have to say.
You may click here to go to a debate about the 2004 Election

An Update On The 2004 On Line Election Debate
By Ann Stewart
Aug.1, 2003

The on line debate became more interesting since a strong supporter like Patti Ferschke came in for candidate John Kerry. Kerry has had a few supporters in before like Wendy MA., but never someone who stood up as strong for candidate John Kerry as Patti did. We have also had a few people in the debate that pop in from time to time and show support for candidate Joe Leiberman, but candidate Howard Dean's supporters have ruled the debate. They have come out in the largest show of on line support there has been so far. Supporter's for Dean go by the on line name of: Alison Brown, Keith Brekhus, Little Ann, Jonathan in GA., Allen Peters, bluets, Brad and many more. Is this a sign that candidate Dean may win the Democratic Primaries? It's looking more and more possible everyday. Unless supporters for John Kerry and Joe Leiberman give the on line debate a turn around, I would say Dean's supporters are educated, stronger and more united.
There is still the middle half of people who post in the on line debate under the user names of Michael Bohannon, Sindhu Kumar, Chris R., Ann Stewart, Martin, Joy, Tara, Chris, Samantha Pedigo, Lee Pedigo and so many more who claim they haven't chosen a candidate yet. I think the most important ones of the group to focus on are the ones who are registered Democrats and will be voting in the Democratic Primaries. It is always important to know and understand if you don't vote you don't help your candidate, unless you make contribution to help your candidate of choice. Just please get involved. No matter how big or small you might think your contribution is, it really does matter. If you can't vote, than maybe you can share your knowledge of your favorite candidate, just spread the word. If you can't do that than maybe you can support your favorite candidate with a contribution. It does not matter how big or small just get involved. In this case bigger is better, but small is better than nothing, and alot of small makes a big something. So get involved and show you care about America.

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A Strong Kerry Supporter Comes Into the Debate With Some Strong Information and Feelings
By Patti Ferschke
If you want to save this country from BUSH and thugs,and get us to where we need to go,get on board ,solidly with JOHN KERRY. He's the only DEM that will beat Bush. I have been following this Senator since the 70's and I think we blew it the last election by not standing behind KERRY,pulling him front and forward.He's right on the issues,because he's involved with ALL the issues that matter to Americans.The country is still in a "fear factor mode" and Kerry is asking us to stand up to these fears and takes us from the fear to the challenges that will prevent further attacks, and will "engage"[ now there's a new word}us "we the people",by building co-alitions to move forward and get the USA independent of the world's oil supplies that support these roots of terorism! Kerry's stance on the environment is powerfull as it moves us in the right direction of good jobs,by inventing our way out of the messes we have allowed the BUSH Administration to get us into!Kerry has the best health care plan,that won't take us futher in debt and it will balance the budget,as health care costs continue to rise.By re-strucuring our own infra-structue we will have the best jobs and we'll give BUSH a pink slip! We made an industry out of bottled water that soon only thiose who got a tax break will be able to afford,not to mention{DAH},there must be something wrong with that water we drink!DEAN will only lose to BUSH and a vote for DEAN will go to BUSH! JOHN KERRY will take BUSH on with the lies and deceptions,but more importantly KERRY will lead us where we need to go,and a real spirt of patriotism will prevail,like we've never seen before.And we'll stand proud with our neighbors abroad in this war on terrorism as KERRY'S mission will be one of engagement until we come to peace.It will be a journey like no other and you will be proud to be an American again. No one has given so much to this country,sacrificed so much for it's citizens, and will continue to work for ALL AMERICANS..go check out his record of honesty,integrity,and all the inside challenges this KERRY guy has done. It is an impressive record, and let the record speak for itself!Until 911 BUSH hadn't a clue of why he was chosen,and that event gave him a mission..how sad for America,that we continue to lose lives daily,we still haven't got Saddam,and BIN -Laden is still on the loose.The budget will reach never-ending proportions,with no end in site, and "we the people" are paying for it on all fronts!BUSH came to office with so few credentials,JOHN KERRY will come with many!

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Read this report by
Jonathan in GA
According to theZogby poll, Dean has doubled both the number of people who recognize e recent his name, and likeability.

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In March, 16% had heard of Dean, of whom 8% didn't like him and 75% were unfamiliar with him.In July, his likeability was at 32% and the number of people that dislike him actually went DOWN to 6%.In the same period, only Graham improved his favorable (by one point) but his unfavorable also went up one point.Dean is quite a centrist. His record in Vermont was pro-business and pro-growth.Look at the 40,000 plus jobs created. The balanced budget. Three tax cuts. A budget surplus.This is not the work of a tax-and-spend liberal.Dean is a moderate on social issues. The only reason he got the "lefty" tag was because of his war opposition.The Civil Unions bill was a compromise and was mandated by the Vermont Supreme Court. Dean signed the bill quietly, not with a grand public ceremony.Although he's proud of signing the bill, he's not for gay marriage.
He got an "A" from the NRA, but his position is far from conservative. He was federal law vigorously enforced, but wants to allow all states to decide what addition gun control is best for themselves.The guy favors the death penalty in certain cases (Kerry would ban it altogether if he had the ability.)What's best, Dean hasn't written off southern voters as some other candidates have.Whatever charge you have to level against Dean, he's no George McGovern/Dukakis/FDR. He's far closer to Bill Clinton ideologically.Al Gore did NOT carry Nevada in 2000.Clinton-Gore did carry it in 92 and I believe 96 as well.Howard Dean was raised Episcopalian. He's now a Congregationalist (still a Christian).His wife is Jewish, his kids consider themselves Jewish.
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The most informative and educational information on the 2004 election has been given to us by Keith Brekhus. Read this:
The road map to victory?
By Keith Brekhus
August 1, 2003
This map shows the probable geography of the electorate as of May 26th this year. At that time Bush's approval rating was around 65%. Today it stands at 53%...a 12 point drop. If you take a best case scenario and add up all the red states and light blue states going for Dean on the map, he would have exactly the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election.
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I should add that New Mexico which Gore carried and Nevada, should be in play contrary to what this map depicts, giving Dean a potential fallback cushion in case he fails to carry Arkansas or West Virginia.
In any case, I believe if the election were held today, Bush would hold on, but if his approval ratings drop into the 40s he may find himself in the same position his daddy was in back in 1992. By the way, Dean is now familar with 39% of people polled compared to only 1% in May. All you people on this site can consider yourselves among the top 39% of "most informed Americans" since you know who Dean is :-).
Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont, seems at the same time an odd choice and the perfect choice to put against the popular President. He's brash, blunt, and extremely opinionated. While he is fiscally moderate, most of his social beliefs are on the left side of liberal. As he tries to capture the nomination there are two issues that could hurt him with voters on both sides of the Democratic party spectrum. Liberal Democrats may be uncomfortable with his views on gun control, where he stands firmly with the NRA. Moderate Democrats may be uncomfortable with his views on gay rights; as governor, he signed the law that made Vermont the first state to recognize civil unions for gay couples.
The biggest issue separating Bush and Dean is the recent Iraq war (Dean was the first Democratic candidate to come out strongly against it), and that could be the critical issue in an election between these two. However, Bush's popularity seems tough to beat right now. As history has shown, as we approach the election his numbers will inevitably drop. But the Democratic candidates don't seem to be resonating with the public yet. A poll released in May 2003 asking respondents to name any Democratic presidential candidate found that 66% of the public couldn't name any of them - and Dean was only named by 1%.
President Elect predicts that President Bush would win 321 electoral votes to the Howard Dean's 217. However, of all the current Democratic candidates, we believe Dean has the greatest chance of turning these numbers around and surprising everyone.
After all, it wouldn't be the fist time an unknown Democratic governor of a small state took on a popular President named Bush who had just invaded Iraq - and won!

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The Brilliant On Line Campaigning of Candidate Howard Dean
by Ann Stewart
July 30, 2003
In our on line debate candidate Dr. Howard Dean seems to have the most support. It was reported in Time Magazine that there is a misapprehension that the Dean phenomenon was created by the Internet. I am beginning to believe that could be true. The on line 2004 Election debate has heated up with a truly strong response and support for candidate Dean. It has been reported Dean has the support of the younger idealistic generation. Is that why candidate Dean's official site is a blog? I have checked out all the other candidates on line, and none of them are campaigning the same why on line as Dean's campaigning group is. This is very refreshing to someone like me who is covering the news on the 2004 Election. When you post a question or site on Dean's official blog comment boxes you not only get an answer from the people who take care of the official "blog for America" site, but many of Dean's supporters will come to educate you on Dean's beliefs and issues and why they support him. So could this change the way candidates campaign on the Internet? I think it is a brilliant idea, and a more human way to campaign on the Internet. People who have a specific question on where Dean stands on the issue, can get a quick educated, but easy to understand response. It has been stated by Dean's supporters "He is not into all that political jargon that the other candidates are into. Dean is just more real." Being more real might be what is making Dean so well liked. Being a Doctor as well could also be a big boost in his popularity. It has been stated that the a run for office should not be a popularity contest, but if it really is than Dean will be the man to face Bush, cause popularity is what he seems to have at the moment.
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Favorite News


Report on The Presidential Democratic Race
By Ann Stewart
Wed Jul 23, 2003
Time Magazine has reported the Democratic nomination looks like it is coming to a show down between Dr.Howard Dean Governor of Vermont and John Forbes Kerry the Senator from Massachusetts. Time says they are pulling way ahead of the other candidates, and they are polled to have equal support at this point in the democratic race. John Kerry is reported to be showing anger at President Bush for his mishandling of the war with Iraq, and Howard Dean was reported to make this statement about Bush "What I want to know is, why so man democrats in Washington aren't standing up against Bush's unilateral war in Iraq?" Than candidate John Kerry urged the Bush administration on Monday to seek U.N. support in stabilizing Iraq and questioned if Bush's "false pride" was delaying the move.

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